Why MY Flowers Grow So Well

My neighbor gave these to me for helping teach her Windows 10. I didn’t have the heart to tell her it was the first time I’ve ever worked with W10. Wow. I swear those MS folks moved EVERYTHING around. I don’t think they left anything under the same menu it was in with W7. It’s struck fear in me to buy the new laptop that I dearly need. I seriously hate changing operating systems. No, I won’t go Mac, either. However, my current ‘puter makes me go back and fill in all the T’s, E’s and I’s, as those keys take a few strokes to work. I’ll just have to get over myself =-)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Independence Day!!

pooping gnome   pooping gnome

Poop makes flowers happy!

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

33 thoughts on “Why MY Flowers Grow So Well

  1. Tell me about it! I need to get another laptop and I’m not looking forward to having to wipe it and install either Windows 7 or some flavor of Linux so the dang thing will be usable. If I can even find a laptop. Who would have thought keyboards would become obsolete considering how many programmers and gamers there are in the world?

    Love the gnomes. The red cap one is particularly cute!

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    • I’m not a gamer, however I feel your pain on the lack of good keyboards out there. The laptop I like for all its other features, has no number keypad… it’s not small either @ 15″. What the heck?!
      I have found W7 ‘puters on Amazon. However, I know MS has stopped supporting it…
      Ugh. I know ‘puters, but not in a field I need to be a ‘puter queen, so I’ll probably suck it up and get a new one with W10. 😣


      • 15″ and no number pad?? Weeeird… Maybe the engineer was drunk?

        I dread it when I finally have to give up Windows 7. I still miss XP! I just hope by the time I finally have to bite the bullet and change they’ll have something a lot less chaotic and ugly out there than the eyesore Windows 8 and 10 have been.


  2. It’s hard to tell what the gnomes are s(h)itting on, but I ass-ume it’s their version of an open-air outhouse toilet. In any case, anything that makes flowers happy is worth the effort, and the little guy on the right seems pretty happy about it too. Thank you for showing us what the ‘g-nome project’ is all about! 🙂

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  3. I just wanna say, I think your flowers would be very, very happy here in North Central Nebraska. The campground I’m staying the night in is perfumed by the towering windrows of black muck scraped out of feed lots, composting no doubt, to be spread on the corn fields. Recycling, yesh! But after looking at miles and miles and miles of cattle sloshing around in their own excrement, I think my next steak will have to wait….

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    • Mmmm. 😝
      However, you’re right. No chit 💩, no flowers🌻.
      I’m lowering my steak intake for many reasons. Price and recent adversity to seeing blood (?) are just a few.
      We’re up in Door County now. About to kayak to some caves and Native American pictographs. Hope there’s less graffiti artists than were at Cave-in-Rock. 😣

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      • Wow, I was always hearing about Door Cty back when I lived in the Mysterious Midwest, never got to go. I wanna hear all about it when you get back!

        That’s disgusting that people would deface ancient graffiti with their own. Goes to show, there ain’t no limits to chutzpah.

        I’ll be passing through your part of the world again, on my way back to Grand Rapids to pick up my new RV! Yes…I know…I’ll explain on my blog.

        Have fun, travel safe!

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