The Prince Who Watches Over My Mint


Every year I grow mint for my Mojitos. I tend to just put it in a pot so it doesn’t go crazy and take over everything in my yard. The past few times I came out to water, this little Prince has been snuggled up under the rim. He must really like it up here as the first time I saw him, I thought he was stuck and moved him just outside the pot. He can clearly jump pretty high to get up here and since he fought so hard to get back up here, here I will leave him.

Isn’t he adorable?

American Toad – Anaxyrus americanus

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

31 thoughts on “The Prince Who Watches Over My Mint

  1. Frogs/toads are great. They eat lots of insects and are good to have around. Except the poisonous in Florida or some such place. Those, if eaten by dog/cat can kill the pet.

    I’m glad that he has a safe place to live.

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  2. I wonder if you have been tempted to kiss him.
    I told my class one day that frogs and toads are like thermometers because they tell us the environment is healthy. They didn’t understand. So I said how if you get sick you mum takes your temperature. Guess what. Not one kid said that happened. If they get sick they go to the doctor. It’s a funny world.

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      • Hah! The memory of my mother shaking that old mercury thermometer down, the smell of the rubbing alcohol she sterilized it with…if I didn’t have a “temp,” to school I went, sick or not! I fantasized about finding a way to fake a fever, but the thought of her finding me out was worse than going to school sick. When I was a kid there was no insurance and no money either, so no doctors unless I was dying or had bones sticking out. The worst was when my Russian grandma was visiting. If I got pneumonia while she was there, she made a vile concoction of onions cooked in molasses and spread that on my chest, covered in layers of cloth. If I didn’t puke before, I puked after! The good old days 😝

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