Summer Blooming Flowers 7-18-2016

“It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.” ― Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

Hop on the wayback machine to see what I found blooming in 201320142015

image    image

Ferns & Thistles

image       wp-1467668561662.jpg

Apocynum cannabinum – dogbane (Thank you Mellissa!)  ||  Campanula ~ Hare’s bells

image    image

I’m guessing Geranium bicknellii   ||  Hmmmm.

image    image

Campanula rapunculides ~ Creeping bellflower   ||  Maybe Scabiosa atropurpurea

image    image

Not sure which sunflower this is…   ||     Verbascum thapsus ~ Mullein

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

25 thoughts on “Summer Blooming Flowers 7-18-2016

  1. thistles are nice in a dried flower arrangement, my granny always looked for silver thistles (Carlina acaulis) we used for fall decorations…. it was great to be the whole day outside, climbing on “mountains” and looking for treasures we can use to make nice (hers) and not so nice (mine) arrangements :o)

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    • Yes, somewhat likely. There is another weed that really loves the ditches called purple loosestrife. It looks like a spike. The campanulas are around, but not usually in that kind of quantity. Oh, maybe even chickory, they look like bells before they open and look like a blue dandelion.


  2. I was just wondering what that large weed was that I ended up stomping down over the weekend. It was Mullein! Now after reading about it I wish I hadn’t 😦

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  3. The fern and the bluebells are so pretty. I love fern. We have a native called Texas Bluebells and they are more than beautiful. I’ve never been able to be out at the right time to photograph them. I should love to get my grimy paws 🙂 on some seed but I’m not sure if commercial seed is available. Will need to look into that. I think the bluebells here were or are endangered and I need to research that as well. They are a rare sight for sure.


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