29 thoughts on “Dog Nooks

  1. Aw they are too cute 🙂 They’ve chosen some cool nooks 🙂
    And true, every dog wants his place, and when you are washing mats etc and have piled three dog beds one on top of the other, you’ll find a dog perched on the top of them! 😀

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    • Both of us were lucky…
      Breck was in a kill shelter, set for death 4 days after I found him. Whew! That was close!
      Oreo was a friend’s dog, and we dog sat him here a bunch. I would secretly whisper to him that I wished he was mine. When O was 1, my friend called to say she had to get rid of him ‘cuz he had bit their 7 yo son. (Admittedly, they knew O bit him ‘cuz the son didn’t know how to treat dogs). They asked if I wanted him, and the rest is history!
      I love these guys! 😍


          • I had an aussie for 13 years. I got her from a high kill shelter via a lady that regularly pulled dogs from death row. She was one of my all time best dogs. Fiercely loyal and an excellent guardian. I loved Dancer. She was sick for only about 2 weeks and then I had to put her down when it was discovered she had CA of the liver. She stopped eating for two days and that was it. I was devastated. I still think of her and miss Dancer. She was black with brown eye brows and a tad of white on her chest. She was from a distinct line that was bred for solid colors which is hardy ever seen anymore.

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            • Dancer sounds so beautiful! Catchy name also. So glad you saved her!
              I dread the day when it comes to ‘the time’, but life is life. It comes and goes. All you can do is to wish for a peaceful, quick end.
              I think dogs feel (awareness) a bit more than we give them credit for. Breck knew we saved him. He was terribly sick with whip worms. We almost lost him the 1st week we got him.
              Although he’s not cuddly like Oreo, he likes me to be in his sight. That means no trips to the bathroom alone 😉

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