Plains Leopard Frog ~ Lithobates blairi

imageAs we hiked through Illinois State Beach Park North, we came upon a boggy area with a narrow path. Oreo was leading pulling Chris and I couldn’t see much ahead of Breck as I pulled up the rear. All of a sudden these guys were flying everywhere! I swear, instead of jumping backwards or not jumping at all, they all chose to jump in front of us with precise timing to either hit our knees, ankles, get kicked or worse… stepped on. =-O Luckily, the only known one to be stepped on, was stepped on by Oreo. His 40 pounds wasn’t going to stop Mr. Frog, he hopped quickly away. I was surprised the boys weren’t going after them… I’m guessing they taste bad and they knew this.

As the name implies, the Plains Leopard Frog is native to the Great Plains Region of the United States. Plains, of course, referring to our vast grasslands and the frogs attraction to them. They are one of the only frogs in Illinois to enjoy being out of the water and feeling the grass between their toes!

They are usually found near creeks, streams, ponds, reservoirs, irrigation ditches and marshes adjacent to prairie grasslands, farmland and prairie canyons. Leopard Frogs are a fairly common frog (although not to me!) and can even set up shop in a residential pond.

They are generally night owls and primarily eat bugs, although they are opportunistic and will also eat other frogs. These guys also make a pretty odd call. I wouldn’t have thought it was a frog. Listen for yourself!

Plains Leopard Frog – Lithobates blairi

Β© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

39 thoughts on “Plains Leopard Frog ~ Lithobates blairi

  1. Good to see them still thriving in Illinois. The land has changed too much too fast in south Florida. When I first came (17th year) there were many more frogs than now. Their songs at night were plentiful. Sadly, now there is hardly a whisper.
    Love your posts and pictures

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    • That is sad. We humans need to take care of the planet and its creature a bit better.
      Last fall, I went to southern Illinois (Shawnee Nat’l Park) and the tree frogs were EVERYWHERE! The singing was so loud… and awesome!! There were NO mosquitos at all, either. This place is a great example of how, when the environment is in balance, we don’t have an over-abundance of ‘bad’ things like skeeters.
      Thank you for your lovely comment =-)

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  2. What a lovely little creature, Ilex! I can imagine with legs like those they are excellent jumpers! Also couldn’t help thinking that being jumped at and on by leopards here in South Africa would have a much more dreadful conclusion!

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    • Yes! A much different ending to that story!! 😲
      What’s interesting to me .. There are no animals in the Midwest that can take you out. Not even a spider bite. As far as I’m concerned, I think poison ivy is about the worst thing you can come upon.
      Obviously, this can pose a huge problem if, let’s say, I come to visit you. I will have to remember there are 1,000 things waiting to eat me there and I’ll need to be a wee bit more careful πŸ˜‰

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