Not Just Marijuana: The FDA Has Always Denied The Existence Of Therapeutic Benefits Associated With ALL Plants

Interesting read about how the FDA really isn’t there to protect your health. However, its there to protect big pharma!



Daniel Barker
August 15, 2016

Those who support the nationwide legalization of marijuana for therapeutic use, were disappointed by the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) recent failure to reclassify marijuana’s status from that of a Schedule I drug to another more appropriate classification.

Since 23 states have now legalized marijuana for medical use, and since numerous studies have confirmed its value as medicine and have proven that it is safe, it seemed the logical next step to begin relaxing the laws at the federal level.

Is marijuana really more dangerous than meth or PCP?

After all, Schedule I drugs under the Controlled Substances Act are defined as those having “high potential for abuse; no currently accepted medical use; [and] lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision.”

Aside from marijuana, schedule I drugs include heroin and other drugs that can be considered dangerous. But to anyone…

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25 thoughts on “Not Just Marijuana: The FDA Has Always Denied The Existence Of Therapeutic Benefits Associated With ALL Plants

  1. It’s sad but true… I had to fill out 87 papers and waited nearly for a lifetime till I’ve got the information, that a surgeon isn’t allowed to prescribe weed. I had to take all common chemical stuff first and then a group of docs would have a sit in to decide if I can get some crumbs. I can’t believe that meds with 87k warnings on 3 pages are better than some Marry huh Anna what needs only one warning: lock the fridge!

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  2. It was eye opening to me to read a book written about ecological restoration from the eyes of a permaculturist. She pointed out that any given list of natives in an area was really a pantry list for the native people who lived here before we arrived. They were gardening, and much if not all of the species of plants were used for food or medicine. I think if we could get the government to grasp that, it might be a lot better for our lands and our plants. …or perhaps not. I can also imagine the abuses….

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    • Ironically, I was into plants for medicine before I got into horticulture. I love making the connections now to the healing properties when I find a plant or ‘weed’. I totally believe what you said about a pantry for the locals.
      It all comes down to patenting. A – plants can’t be patented
      B – can’t make money off something not patented.
      C – don’t allow use of plants that don’t have a chemical equal that can be patented.
      My father has glaucoma. For now, he uses drops with a manufactured THC equivalent. Eh, for now, he’s ok.
      I’m traveling the same road he is. I hope I will have more options when I need them.
      I’m hoping some sense is going to get into the gov’s heads.
      My theory about ALMOST anything is, “Follow the money”.
      Illinois is so broke and the fiscal reports of how the legalized states are doing so well are optimistic. My guess is it will be legal very soon, at least on a state level.


  3. I’ve read all the nonsense so called logic and so called proof that Maryjane has no medicinal usefulness and that it does nothing to help heal or relieve pain. I know a number of folks that have used it to aid hospice patients. I’ve never smoked MJ but the folks that I have met that use it medicinally have nothing but praise for it. I give hemp oil (.0025%) of THC with no psychoactive properties) to 4 of my pets and it has made a world of difference in their quality of life and kept them eating when nothing else worked to get them to eat. It is amazing. Hemp oil is legal in all states.

    The ultra conservative states continue to be backwards because they tend to be super religious and conservative in their beliefs. It is up to the pubic to get educated and push for their states to pass the needed laws so that is legal. I say to boo to the big pharma companies that charge thousands if dollars for one biologic injection or pill to treat auto immune diseases, cancer, etc. Of course these meds have a place but not at astronomical prices.

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    • Just like you said… it’s all about the money! I would love to at least see it legal for medical purposes. At least! 23 states agree that it has medical purposes, however the Feds have too much money invested in fighting it coming over the border and big pharma breathing down their necks to not allow testing of it, as it will surely make some $1,000 pill obsolete.
      My father has glaucoma and I’m following in his footsteps with the symptoms. He uses faux THC drops for now. I couldn’t imagine my dad stoned (😋 haha!) however, being able to use real THC for his drops would certainly help with the pain and symptoms.
      I hope by the time my symptoms show, it will be legal.

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      • I have had glaucoma since my 50’s. I use xylan drops plus about .75ml of hemp oil that I take orally. Pressure in both eyes is lower than ever- 12 and 13. I use hemp oil for restless leg and it’s like a miracle. Also keeps my legs from cramping at night. I had no idea it would help with all those things. Been taking for a year.

        Keep close check on your eyes. The glaucoma can get bad quickly sometimes.

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        • Thanks for the great info!
          My dad is doing pretty well so far. I don’t know what his pressure is, however I think he’s maintaining it pretty well.
          I go to a retnia specialist yearly to watch for that. I have retnia holes that need to be monitored also.
          I’ll have to look into the benefits of hemp oil. My dumb butt never knew it was legal! 😋

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          • You can Google hemp oil legality for sales in states. A local drugstore in my town sells it. You can also order it from Amazon. Charlotte’s web strain is a good one. I don’t know if you can get that one from Amazon or not. Lots of ads for hemp for pets. Just type in search box. I take the hemp that I get for my pets. There is no feeling from it. Just like drinking water. No effects at all from hemp except the physical benefits. I have rubbed it on cat bites, ant bites, sore wrists, knees, rashes. The stuff works for me. It will definetey help your dogs if they get arthritis. No need for the bad stuff that destroys the pets kidneys and no need for follow up blood tests to make sure y0ur pet is ok. Actually saves you money. 🙂

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    • Can’t speak for the other “ultra conservative backwards states”, but here in Alabama we have a crap ton of herb shops and avid believers of home remedies, regardless of religion. The more rural you get the more likely you are to hear about yellowroot and other natural treatments. More than half the people I’ve met have had a positive opinion on marijuana. My doctor tells me that the newer ones are being taught to appreciate medicinal origins more and to be more open-minded to “alternative” methods like meditation and chiropractors. Our government is just full of greedy idiots who are perfectly happy to put its citizens at risk for a quick buck. Like how any government usually is. Legalizing weed isn’t the only natural or traditional thing we’re currently having to fight the state about.

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      • Great comment!! I totally get the home remedies aspect of the South. And exactly, it has nothing to do with religion and is accepted as a viable way to get healthy. Up North, we get looked at like we’re freaks to use a tincture or a chiropractor.
        I am mad that this ‘new & improved’ Healthcare program covers me for pregnancy (um, no uterus here), however I have to pay for my chiropractor, who cures more things than just my bones.
        I have a skin disorder that is so rare, I’ve had to tell Drs what it is, as they have never seen it. There are no drugs for it, however turmeric, B vitamins and coconut oil work wonders. No Dr needed 😉
        I’m hoping your Dr is right and more of the Drs coming out of school are going ‘old school’ or at least not against alternative medicine. I go to a PA (she’s under 35), that has allowed me to be very proactive in my care, as she let’s me try meds that I think will work for me (within reason). I am currently trying a blood pressure med, that also effects hormones when the skin condition flares up. Actually seems to be working great. I guess a GOOD Dr is needed sometimes! 😃


  4. I am off on a related tangent: Not only is the FDA and CDC in cahoots with pharmaceutical companies they also are tied up with the medical insurance companies. I have long term Lyme and I can not get treatment unless I pay totally out of network because the CDC says there is no such thing as long term Lyme. I am housebound at the moment because of it and have no money for treatment.

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    • That is terrible! For the money we pay to live (health insurance), I don’t think anyone has the right to say there’s nothing wrong when someone thinks there is. I hope that type of situation is figured out soon. There are many new diseases popping up all over. The CDC better start learning to treat them or things could get worse coughebolacough. 😷

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