Oreo’s Dew Claw Disaster

imagemicrocynah-reg-woundI’ve never had a dog of mine injure their dew claw until Oreo did last week. When Chris saw it, it was bent sideways and sticking out. The nail was not bleeding, so Chris went to work. He’s not the nurse of the family… When I got ready to look at it. Sometime during the day, Oreo had ripped it off. I could see the pink, pulsating quick in there, thankfully holding back the blood. I trimmed the hair away from the nail so I could see what I was doing! The nail had cracked not too far down, just above the quick. It looks like a clean break. I gave a shout out to Easy’s Staff, because the big lug has gotten his claws in snag once or twice before.  His staff told me to use Vetericyn. I looked for it at my nearby pet heath food store and she told me this was comparable.

I’ve been spraying it on Oreo’s nail for the past few days and it has healed up so well! Easy’s staff  told me this stuff is great for hoomans also! I had a hangnail, it didn’t sting spraying it on and it has also taken a big swing in healing. It doesn’t kill the good cells only the bad.

Why have I suffered with the sting of peroxide or the gooiness of antibiotic ointment? This stuff is awesome!

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30 thoughts on “Oreo’s Dew Claw Disaster

    • Ha ha! I think time is the only ego fixer. People forget the stupid thing you’ve done… right about when you’ve done the next stupid thing! 😣 DOH!

      Thank you for all your help! 😘😚 This medicine is magic!! No sting and the wound looks better really fast. Even Dad’s ripped knuckles from fighting with the lawnmower engine look good. This bottle is going in the hooman medicine cabinet, not the dog’s 😉


  1. Those dewclaws! Glad Oreo is recovering with his mom’s loving care.

    One of my shepherds was tearing around after a ball and ripped his whole dewclaw joint off, amputated it. Didn’t even notice, he was so obsessed with the ball. I wish I had something so fucking amazing that it would completely distract me from pain. Maybe I should start chasing tennis balls! Yes! That’s it!!!

    Wishing Oreo a complete, uneventful recovery 🐶

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    • Well thank you Doctor!!
      He is doing well, thank you. This spray is magic potion, I believe. I will keep it handy for the hoomans also, as the dogs get hurt less than us 😉
      Yes, I wish all humans had an off button for pain. We’d all be happier 😄
      I do somewhat believe meditation can help at times. I have used EFT successfully in the past with that wacky, unknown jaw pain I had.
      I wrote a post on it, check it out… it may help.


    • Yikes! I’ve read a bit about it while writing this post. Seems these claws can either be reeeeeally attached (with bone) or just by a bit of skin. Some working breeds have them removed at birth.
      Still, it had to hurt! He’s much better now. I highly recommend having that spray around for our K9 buddies… and any clutzy hoomans 😉

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  2. Ouch, poor Oreo! We use Vetericyn on our chickens when they get hurt/attacked. It works great! I love that it comes in a spray and the gel/texture of it sticks pretty well to the wounds. My mother also uses it on herself, she has diabetes and she gets sores that don’t heal very well. She says it works great!

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    • Wow! This Vetericyn stuff is turning out to be magic! 🤗
      I learned a big, fat lesson about how you shouldn’t use peroxide any more when Breck cut his leg a while back. I felt bad I hadn’t learned about that earlier. Welp. Better late than never!
      I will have to get my diabetic father a bottle also, as just like you said, wounds don’t heal as well on them.

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  3. I had a Chihuahua, Boris, who used to injure his dew claws regularly. He would not allow me to trim them, and once he had one that got snapped and was the same way, all sideways and horrid. The vet’s office said it would require surgery the following Monday. Damned if Boris didn’t spend the whole weekend engaged in gruesome surgery and save us the bill…..it was a horrifying process, but he got it done.


    • Go Go Boris! 😉 (adorable name!!)
      As a sculptured nail gal, I can totally relate to Boris’s tactics… “better for me to remove it than someone else, as I know what hurts!” Oreo did the same. I put the vet bill money into the Treat Fund 😉
      Looking forward to seeing you in the reader! 😃

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    • I saw a comedian once that had me rolling on the floor laughing!
      He said with the rising costs of medical bills, he’s going to go to a veterinarian. Those guys will take care of anything! No referrals, no questions, just throw whatever you have on the table and they’ll fix it. 😂😂


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