Liquor? Check. Cheese Curds? Check. Float Speed Ahead!

Having a paddle on the Mississippi River. This is away from the main shipping area. Lots of wildlife to see.  

Enjoy your long (US) or regular weekend! :mrgreen:

Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

39 thoughts on “Liquor? Check. Cheese Curds? Check. Float Speed Ahead!

    • We saw a bunch of muskrats, so cute. Lots of cranes and herons. Even a bald eagle!!
      This place is teaming with life. My camping neighbor has bird feeders everywhere, got shots of Orioles and hummers with my new camera. The birds really love this guy’s set-up and all the food!
      We’re going to an owl presentation at the forest preserve office tonight. Should be interesting!

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        • We’re testing it out. The hard part is my vision is getting bad (normal age stuff, arms not long enough) and I can’t see if it’s in focus. I have to trust it’s focused. I did get a mono contact lens. It works, but at the price of some distance vision. I’ll have to find a balance.


          • Doesn’t y0ur camera have an auto focus?

            I can’t see good enough to use manual. So I use auto all the time but push my glasses to the top of my head and then look through the view finder to see it the auto focus is doing what it’s supposed to be doing. Sometimes I have to keep touching the auto focus bottom that also is the release button for snapping the pic. Once you get the hang of it you’ll enjoy your camera. I use a simplified version for taking pics and while my pics are not super sharp (cheap Canon kit lens) I don’t thing they are all that bad. In fact most folks thing my photography is pretty dang good.

            I have an expensive Bronica that is no longer made but is outdated and it used film. That camera was the best but who is going to develop the film at this point in time? DSLR are so cheap to use and of course a snap to download to a computer. πŸ™‚

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