DEA claims cannabis holds no medicinal value even as the federal government owns the PATENT on its use as a medicine

The Break Away posted another great post on how our gov is messing with our basic rights to health. Marijuana clearly has medical uses and the gov knows it! Yet, big pharma has its grip on what is and isn’t medicine… they don’t want to stop their money flow. So sad!


September 6, 2016

For decades, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), of the herb cannabis sativa, has been at the top of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) hit list. This targeted plant and its natural properties continue to be classified as a schedule one drug on the DEA’s senseless drug scheduling system. Cannabis is listed alongside meth and LSD for having “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.” The DEA is adamant about controlling cannabis, even at a time when state governments are decriminalizing it altogether and allowing for its use in medical treatments.

DEA refuses to admit that cannabis has medicinal value, despite widespread evidence to the contrary

In August 2016, the DEA was expected to reclassify cannabis or remove it from their hit list altogether; however, when decision time arrived, the DEA refused to remove cannabis from its highly schedule one drug status…

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32 thoughts on “DEA claims cannabis holds no medicinal value even as the federal government owns the PATENT on its use as a medicine

  1. Excellent post. I have read and I have seen what just mere heap oil can do, which has virtually no THC and is now legal in all 50 states. The good ole boys are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies and nothing is going to change until we get some one in office who will push for full legalization. The DEA is pretty corrupt along with many other government offices.

    Alcohol, cocaine, heroine and meth has killed millions of people. Alcohol is a drug that alters the mind and yet it is legal. It has no medicinal value other than wine that must be drunk in limited moderation in order to be beneficial.

    But oh well, MJ is low on the priority list and pharma will continue to dupe the public and give us the shaft with astronomical prices that break the bank. And meds that have so many life threatening side effects that one is sometimes better off not taking the stuff. Personally I have reneged on several meds that were prescribed for restless leg and muscle cramps. I went to the health food store and found some supplements that work to prevent those two conditions..

    I don’t know the answer but if you become ill, it seems a good idea to move to the states where MJ is legal.

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    • You’re very right!
      I have the beginning stages of glaucoma. So far, my only symptom is high eye pressure. If it were to develop into full glaucoma, I’m off to Colorado. (My BFF lives in Denver)
      My dad has full glaucoma and has the drops. Of course they are ‘man made’ drugs he’s using.
      My hope is that because Illinois is so broke, we’d legalize it to get out of debt! We’ve got it for medical now, however the gov has still made it difficult to get by not allowing any dispensaries to open.

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      • Question. Can you order from a dispensary out of state?

        I take 1/2ml of hemp (my dog’s med for his arthritis) and I don’t have restless leg or terrible leg cramps anymore. Amazing stuff. It has also lowered eye pressure even though it is extremy9 low in THC. Maybe about 0.o25mg – not sure, but the THC is extremely low. You really need to get the eye pressure low before it does any damage. Maybe need another eye specialist’s opinion. You don’t want it to go too long. I did and I paid the price with only 40% vision in left eye.

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        • A quick Web search says ‘YES’, I can buy it! I will give it a try!
          It lowered your eye pressure? Awesome!
          I’ve been to at least 5 retnia specialist (since I was 30, got retnia holes) and now to a regular eye Dr for contacts. (Well, mono vision & works great) Anyway, she tested me and I’m at 26L/23R. (Range 19-23 is good) This has gone up with age. I also believe it has gone up with my blood pressure. I need to learn to calm down and not be so crabby 😋

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          • I can’t say that hemp oil will work for you but it does for me. It also has stopped awful leg cramps AND restless leg. I am sending a link to the Stanley bros website. They are the biggies who developed Charlotte’s Web strain that also has given life to so many kids and adults with intractable seizures where no medication stopped these individuals from seizuring. I would order from them so that way you will get the best strain of hemp. The Stanley’s put out the word on Hemp so I’m a big fan of those guys.


            Get your BP in control which also should help to lower your eye pressure.

            I don’t fret about being crabby. Most days I’m a very pleasant person but of late I’ve become depressed and at the end of my rope from all the pressure that I have to deal with.

            Good luck with the hemp if you decide to try it.

            Best regards,

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            • You are the bestest!! 💟
              I just ordered a bottle of the middle strength to try 😄 Thanks for the info!!
              I saw they had a gel app for body aches and such. I’m going to ask my hubby if he wants to try. His tummy doesn’t do well with pain relievers (nausea), he can tolerate basic aspirin, but that’s it. I almost have to sit on him to get him to take them or apply a muscle rub reliever… because I’m sick of hearing him complain 😉
              About crabbyness: I chatted with a vendor of mine recently that feels many folks are crabby as of late also. She felt that with all the craziness going on in the world lately (prez election, terrorist attacks, police/black issues, teachers strikes and general uncertainty in the world) with things that people can’t control… Folks will vent by getting angry at small things they CAN control. I feel that is pretty sound thinking…
              I had a client complain there was one weed in his paver walkway. One. He wanted a crew to come back to get it. Heaven forbid he bend over and get it himself. 😰
              Enjoy your weekend!

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              • Yes vent what you can control. But I’m careful about how, where and, when I am crabby. I am always afraid of making a fool of myself.

                I’ve used hemp on cat bites and scratches and painful joints, fire ant bites and rashes. I’m sold on the stuff. Just imagine what medical MJ would do for more conditions. I give it to my dog for arthritis and it has made him mobile with fluid movements of his legs. Appetite stimulant for two cats on chemo med for lymphoma.

                I’m glad that you are giving it a try. I hope it works as good for you as it does for me. 🙂

                About the man with one weed growing between a paaver. I think he needs to smoke some weed. Apparently he also has too much money and likes to act as if he were a king or a dictator.

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                • I feel the hemp oil will be very beneficial, for many issues. I’ll try it on my skin issues, see if it will help. I’ll let you know after I try it for a bit.
                  The weed-in-pavers guy’s kids were smoking it! My coworker and I rounded a corner and caught him and his buddy. They just walked away. However, it amazes me that folks just put their bowl on a window sill and think that us or our crews won’t see it. We find many of our clients smoke… and mostly, they are the ones that don’t complain! Ha ha!

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                • Of course, MJ keeps people from acting like butt-h—d. Plus they are never drunk or driving under the influence. Yet ETOH is not considered a drug. I have yet to figure that out. I so hope that Illinois legalizes MJ. Texas is waaay behind but passed a law that people with intractable seizures can legally use it. So many folks need it for medical reasons and cancer patients are some that desperately need MJ to help tolerate chemo. Also end of life patients benefit from it greatly and don’t have to depend on copious amounts of narcotics to control their pain.

                  I apologize for taking over your post with so many comments.

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                • At one time, I think liquor was considered a drug… prohibition. I think the gov figured out it needed to let the public have SOMETHING to drown their sorrows in or they will complain to the gov about living conditions, heehee!
                  We have medical use for about 20 conditions, but no dispensaries have opened since the law was enacted over a year ago. 😣
                  For me, the comment section is to be used for comments!! I love having chats in it about posts 😃 So don’t EVER think your taking over. Well, unless your want me to change the title to ‘Texas Plants’ 😂😅 Ha ha!

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  2. Cannabis could heal the world if “we the people” would let it. Oddly
    enough the majority supports full legalization and it is still taboo in
    half the country. The government,big pharmacy, and alcohol companies are
    pushing their agenda for profit and have the political power to do
    so.We all know of the medical benefits that is why certain states have
    “medical” marijuana but If it is mentioned in a non-legal state to a
    physician then be prepared to be treated like an addict and a drug
    user…and guess what they will have a pill for that!!! The profit in
    sickness is literally killing people.


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