Monarch Butterfly on Liatris

Finally! A Monarch Sighting!!

image       image

Last year, I thought I saw the most amount of monarchs ever. Throughout the whole season, I saw many. This year, not so many. In fact, this one was the first one I’ve seen this year. As you can see, he’s enjoying Liatris, which is a late season flower. He is probably on his way south to over-winter in Mexico.

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

33 thoughts on “Monarch Butterfly on Liatris

  1. Yes, their numbers really are down this year and I’ve heard distressing things about the trees where they overwinter, as well. They are not alone in their decline, though. This summer I saw very few of the butterflies I used to monitor out at Illinois Beach, and the ones I did see were in low numbers. It scares me.

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    • You’re very right. I’ve seen very few butterflies this year. At work, when we water the plants, many puddles are created which the butters love to take a drink in. There wasn’t a time last year that I didn’t see a few frolicking in the puddles. This year.. nothing so far. Well, cabbage whites and a few skippers, but that’s it. I truly hope they can replenish themselves soon. A world without butterflies would be depressing… what would I chase thru the meadows like a fool after? Japanese beetles? 😣


    • Thank you!!
      I hope they are on their way to you soon! Karen commented about a late storm that came through the wintering area of Mexico, that killed a large part of the population. That explains a lot, sadly. Good ‘ol climate change! We humans sux at planet care 😣

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