An Attempt at Art

There was a beautiful white pine in the next campsite that was begging me to draw it.
image        image

I’m only just a beginner… don’t judge me ;-D

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

50 thoughts on “An Attempt at Art

    • Your comment reminds me of the RUSH song, ‘The Trees’

      There is unrest in the forest
      There is trouble with the trees
      For the maples want more sunlight
      And the oaks ignore their pleas

      The trouble with the maples
      And they’re quite convinced they’re right
      They say the oaks are just too lofty
      And they grab up all the light
      But the oaks can’t help their feelings
      If they like the way they’re made
      And they wonder why the maples
      Can’t be happy in their shade?

      There is trouble in the forest
      And the creatures all have fled
      As the maples scream ‘oppression!’
      And the oaks, just shake their heads

      So the maples formed a union
      And demanded equal rights
      ‘The oaks are just too greedy
      We will make them give us light’
      Now there’s no more oak oppression
      For they passed a noble law
      And the trees are all kept equal
      By hatchet,
      And saw

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  1. No judging, but you are making a mistake that takes practice to overcome. While you are looking at the tree and sketching, you are in fact sketching what you believe is there, rather than what actually is there. This specific tree has a complex foliage arrangement; a variety of green shades, and many shadowed areas. It is a complex model to begin with!
    You may wish to consider drawing that tree again, but only draw what you see.. and then compare it with your initial drawing and, hopefully, you will be a little less critical of it. If you really are a beginner, then I would suggest that you did very well!

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  2. This is dang good if you are a beginner. For someone to critique a self professed non-pro is not my cup of tea. I think it’s very good. It is a given that the more one practices the better one gets but in all honesty I think you are naturally talented. So there. My two cents worth.

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