Who Who?!

During the Labor Day camping trip to Merrick State Park, the Park sponsored a presentation by the Audubon Center of the North Woods called, “Silent Hunters” an informative presentation on owls of the Midwestern area.

These two owls were injured and couldn’t be returned to the wild. They reside at the Sanctuary with many other  wildlife ambassadors, ranging from furry, to scaly, to feathery! If you are feeling generous, they do take donations.


Species:  Barred Owl
Sex:  Female
Name:  Athena
Age:  Hatched in 1994
Weight:  900g or ~2 pounds
Injury:  Likely hit by a car, left wing fracture
This barred owl’s call is one you know from childhood, “Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you-all?”


Did you know owls don’t see any better at night than us humans? It’s true! They need to use their hearing to hone in on their meals. Owls also fly silently. Most folks think it’s so they do not spook their prey, however it actually helps the owl hear better and zone in on its prey when it doesn’t hear the whoosh, swoosh, whoosh of its wings.


These owls don’t migrate either. They enjoy the winters of the Midwest from their roosts high in the trees. Although they enjoy hollow trees, they may also reuse stick-platform nests built by other animals like hawks, crows, ravens, and squirrels, as well as human-made nest boxes.


Species:  Eastern Screech Owl (red phase) Megascops asio
Sex:  unknown
Name:  Ciça
Age:  Hatched in 2003
Weight:  145g or ~ 5 oz.
Injury:  Head injury, very slow processing information


This little one was right in the middle of molting and was having a bad hair day.

Red and gray individuals appear across the full range of the Eastern Screech-Owl, with about one-third of all individuals being red. Rufous (red) owls are more common in the East, with fewer than 20% red at the western edge of their range. No red owls are known from southern Texas, although they occur further north in Texas and further south in Mexico.

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

47 thoughts on “Who Who?!

  1. I love owls… and I wish I had one, but that’s not fair, they are much happier in their natural habitat… anyway my wish came true somehow, we have a screech owl on the attic of our garage what drives the whole hood crazy :o)

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