Confidence, Gave-up, Forgotten, Pent-up, Put away.

The normal contentment of my body,

has changed to rapturous yearnings.

You’ve infected me with your passion.

How can you be so empowering?

Oh Baby! What you do to me!

{You} Enslave my mind, my heart, my soul.

I’ve lost myself to your stirring essence

Emotions so hard to control.

I never forgot the day we met,

electric energy flowed straight to my heart.

{My} esteem so vulnerable.

Should have felt the connection from the start.

How can I explain my needs?

My true heartfelt longings,

When you in frau with another.

Hand over my lips restraining.

Self-preservation is not part of me anymore,

you matter more to me than myself.

Possessions, Obsession, Transgressions,

I consult your feelings before mine.

The strings of my heart you pull,

strain from the pressure of desire.

and if you let go,

my heart will retire.


Thoughts you trapped in my mind,


My heart’s so confined,


Words I want to find,

linger through the air again,


Β© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

Image credit: Hufington Post

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