Lake County Farm Heritage Association ~ Farm Fest

We went to The Lake County Farm Heritage Association’s Farm Fest last weekend. We always enjoy the activities here. Many of the kiddies (and adults) have no clue where their food comes from and how farmers get it to market. This is an eye opening experience for many, as I heard a small child behind me at the petting zoo ask his mom if the cow is what they make chicken nuggets out of. =-P

Here’s the mission statement from the Lake County Farm Heritage Association, which explains what they do:

Our goal is to preserve and maintain the history, machinery, and ways of the early farmers for all the generations to follow. This project is very dear to our hearts, and we are so grateful that so many of our friends and fellow farmers are helping us to accomplish our lifelong dream by joining us in preservation of the antique farm implements and sharing their talents with all those who are interested in early farming methods.

Our membership has so much to offer and is a big part of early farm history that must be preserved for all the young children to learn from and enjoy. The early farm crafts of quilting, rug making, weaving, soap making, spinning, bread making, candle making, etc. are all part of that history, hopefully, to be shared by all of us for the enjoyment of others.

Without your interest and participation in our association, so much would be lost. The officers and Board of Directors appreciate your support and welcome you as a member of the Lake County Farm Heritage Association.

These ‘potato ribbons’ are to die for!!

This blacksmith was making items you could purchase


I love the steam engines! psst, psst, psst, bing!


Tow-mater’s cousin?


There are even girl tractors!!

Of course this was the highlight for us at the fest!! The Border Collie Show… Sometimes referred to the ‘herding demonstration’. In the previous years, the man that conducted the shows was more regimented, only having 3 show times. This new guy was extremely knowledgeable and personable! He let anyone ask questions, pet the dogs, pet the sheep and try to call the dogs.

image     image

Old School or New School?

What’s your preference??

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23 thoughts on “Lake County Farm Heritage Association ~ Farm Fest

  1. It looks like fun. I’ve always enjoyed agricultural shows. Incidentally, I have to laugh at the naivety of those kids. Imagine thinking McDonalds, say, makes its chicken nuggets from cows. Everyone knows they use sawdust, cardboard and discarded engine grease.

    NOTE: I’m joking, McDonalds. Please don’t sue me. 😀

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  2. I don’t want to give up my internet connection BUT old school was a simpler, easier, nicer, gentler time where people actually had conversations. I miss that. On our recent airline flights, there is dead silence. Everyone either has ear buds in or is staring at a phone, tablet or laptop or all three. They don’t even say ‘that’s my seat,’ they just nod their head toward the seat.

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    • So so true! I am still old school in the communications department. I don’t use FB, so all my invites are mailed, I prefer to email folks individually and I do love to catch up on the phone.
      I’m learning as I get older that what is old is new again. And sometimes these whipper-snappers don’t even know it.
      For instance; Pokemon Go is the same as Geocaching… I’ve been doing it since I was a kid. Nothing new here.

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  3. I like old school farm stuff – lovely to see all this here. And the sheep herding is awesome! I wish I could get LM to watch the clip and learn a thing or two, but she doesn’t watch a screen – only real life! 🙂
    As to the kids, I remember some strenuously denying that milk came from cows, because of course, you bought it at the supermarket! 🙂

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  4. Looks like fun! I love the old steam engines. My husband was watching videos of old steam tractors just the other night. Pretty amazing how far we’ve come!

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    • I figured you guys as farm fest folks 😉 I love the stream engines! Funny thing about them is what’s old is new again… Hubby will understand what I’m sputtering to say here… Some steam engines only fire when the momentum slows, so it’s not firing every revolution, which saves fuel. New trucks are now touting this as ‘new technology’. Henry Ford came up with this in early 1900’s, however no one cared about running out of fuel then, so the project got scrapped.
      My million dollar idea is to STEAL a shelved idea from the past 😉

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  5. We never had any girl lawn mowers at the house, but we did have one that looked like Thomas the Tank Engine, complete with construction paper smoke stack and a paper number 1, back in the day for my son’s 5th birthday.

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    • That’s awesome! My grandfather did the same for us, sorta (no such thing as Thomas back in the dark ages 😉) he made his lawnmower look like a train and had a ‘coal car’ for us to ride in.
      This is why I love your Hugo posts. It’s amazing how she gets around in him. 😃


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