30 thoughts on “Rainy Saturday in New Glarus, Wi

  1. Welcome to New Glarus! Crappy day for sure. We took off and went to madison to go shopping! 😦 Are you hanging around for the evening and or tomorrow?

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    • I had no signal at all there! Couldn’t even download the weather to see what was happening. We were going to kayak the Sugar River, but not if it was going to rain. We are home now. I’m guessing we were nearby. We stayed at Sweet Minihaha in Broadhead. Fun but roudy campground.

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  2. Gee those drinks look delicious. Cool, refreshing, a new taste to tingle one’s palette. Oh what the heck. I can’t drink- my body does not like etoh. Love the taste but it all makes me feel awful and it will trigger an afib attack. The pics are great by the way.

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    • I don’t drink that often, I seem to be a lightweight lately. One drink let’s me think I’ve downed a bottle. It’s not always like this, but I don’t want to be a drunkard some where and make a fool of myself. We like finding hole in the wall bars. We’ve met some interesting folks in those places.

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