Why I’m a Libertarian

“I was once asked what I wanted from my country, I said ‘Nothing’.” Ilex Farrell


I don’t like discussing politics with folks, as I feel it’s always going to end in an argument, well unless I’m talking with another Libertarian. It’s tough being a Libertarian. There are not many of us, Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate in the 2012 elections only received 1,275,821 votes (about 1% of the popular vote), compared to the 60 odd million votes both the Republican & Democratic candidates received. I do feel folks are more Libertarian than they think. Want to find out? Click here and take the test; I got a 123.

Still not quite sure what a Libertarian is? Here’s a tid-bit from the Libertarian Platform Preamble:

“As Libertarians, we seek a world of liberty; a world in which all individuals are sovereign over their own lives, and no one is forced to sacrifice his or her values for the benefit of others. We believe that respect for individual rights is the essential precondition for a free and prosperous world, that force and fraud must be banished from human relationships, and that only through freedom can peace and prosperity be realized. Consequently, we defend each person’s right to engage in any activity that is peaceful and honest, and welcome the diversity that freedom brings. The world we seek to build is one where individuals are free to follow their own dreams in their own ways, without interference from government or any authoritarian power.”

libertarian-memeI want everyone to be able to do what they want to do, of course, without hurting anyone else. It’s as simple as following the Golden Rule! Self governing. Most normal folks know what’s right and wrong. I don’t want a government telling me what I need to do, without giving me an option. If I don’t want to buy health insurance, pay for schools I have no children in, drive with a seat belt, save for my retirement, or if I want to own a gun, use drugs, sell my body, try untested medical treatments, have an abortion, etc…. So be it. I shouldn’t be forced to do ANYTHING or stopped from doing ANYTHING.

There are a few points that I differ with the party. I do believe in the security of the country. I would pay a fee to keep our borders safe, including a ‘non-open’ immigration plan. There would need to be some sort of policing, whether private or taxed. That is pretty much the short list for disagreements with the Libertarian Party.

Year after year, the rules and viewpoints of others have squashed things I believe to be my right. These violated rights of mine are just the beginning. The government will soon find something on YOUR list of believed rights and test your faith in our two-party government. In the end, it will be a long time before we have a Libertarian POTUS. However, I really want to see one before I croak.


© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

50 thoughts on “Why I’m a Libertarian

  1. we have no libertarians in europe, they say it’s the same like being social democrat… I don’t think so… there is sure a difference…but maybe they explained it wrong for a reason, it could be dangerous to do what’s good for yourself without asking the government :o(((

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  2. The government makes me feel like a Scooby-Doo villain sometimes. “I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those meddling brats!” If I have to put my neighbor’s mail in their box because a federal employee can’t do their job right, or if I accidentally open or trash said mail before I realize they screwed up again, I shouldn’t be the one at risk for being punished. I would do the “proper” thing and put it back in my box with the flag up, but the postmaster came to my house and chewed me out for not keeping the misdelivered mail.

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    • I love the Scooby-Doo reference! Too funny (sadly true)
      Your story explains Libertarianism in a nutshell! Government just mucks-up a simple task of putting mail in a box. Heaven forbid you ‘help’ someone… you may end up in jail!
      I call the postmaster constantly about folks putting advertising shyt on my box. They tell me they do nothing, as they can’t keep up with the folks doing it. What?! Maybe I need your mail person on my block 😉😉😉
      I used to have a post man that would dump the whole blocks mail in my box occasionally. I would then deliver it. Gesh, maybe I should have gotten a salary? Ha!

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      • Some advertising you can thankfully opt-out of like prescreened offers through an online form somewhere. People just walking up and using your mailbox, however, is supposed to be another federal offense because they denied the almighty government postage. One of our local mail carriers would dump mail off the side of the road too. I don’t know if they still work as a mail carrier or not. Preferably not. I dunno if you want any of my mail carriers. I have lived from one corner of this state to the other, and this zipcode has the worst post office staff I have ever dealt with. I can’t even get them to stop scribbling on my receipt and marking out things (like the tracking number I paid for) when I have to buy something at the post office.

        You know, it’s really scary to think how much of an unreliable mess the government is with something as simple as mail. Because if the level of botchedness increases at the same rate as the level of importance of the more intimate government stuff, then the inner workings must truly be stuff of nightmares. I once read a quote that said whatever the conspiracy theorists want to believe will pale in comparison to the real deal. At least local government is too small to do much damage. In one of the towns I worked next to as a teen, the mayor dealt weed. XD

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        • Ha! Great comment!
          I love this part best, “I once read a quote that said whatever the conspiracy theorists want to believe will pale in comparison to the real deal.”
          I totally believe this. Just like you said about the post office… If the gov can screw up something as simple as mail, what else is going on?!
          My guess is the mail-dumping-mail-carrier is still employed by the PO, just transfered to another town… Maybe even made post master!! 😂


  3. Interesting post. I looked at the test, but it’s hard to take it living in such a different country as SA. I do think it is annoying that in so many countries there are only one or two major political parties and anything new (better) rarely stands a chance. Still, if we all keep trying . . .

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  4. It’s an interesting concept, but rather idealistic. In a perfect world, we would need no controls, limitations or laws. In a perfect world, people would be… well perfect, but that is not the case. The freedom to use an addictive drug (e.g.) immediately opens the door to profiteering by offering same to others. To say that those “others” have choices and could say no, is assuming that they are secure/stable enough to resist such a temptation. Total freedom gives you the right to commit suicide which, on the surface would seem to be a reasonable expectation however, our intuitive mind puts self preservation extremely high on the list of priorities. One must therefore question the mental state of the individual who wants to die. If they are contradicting their own natural survival instincts, are they rationale enough to make the live/die decision?

    Americans have (sadly) been stereotyped (at least in the UK) by – You can always tell an American! An American will say “Nobody’s going to tell me what to do” and “There ought to be a law against it” all in the same breath. Libertarianism does seem to be getting close to that.

    I really do applaud the ideology of your political position but, for reasons of simple practicality, cannot see it becoming a major player in US politics. Having said that, DT is a bit of a surprise so who knows!!! 🙂

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    • It is an idealistic concept and I have my hopes to see it before I die.
      It is not a perfect one (none are), but I should have the freedom to protect myself from the non perfect elements that try to affect me. Or not be forced into thought patterns I don’t agree with.
      With regards to some of your points:
      Drugs: Who are you to say someone else has a problem? If they want to use it, let them use it. Many folks take drugs daily and aren’t any worse from it. If all their money goes to drugs, it is their problem, not yours. If they start to feel it is a problem, they can get help. You could insert any commodity in exchange for ‘drugs’… shoes, plastic surgery, cars… it just sounds acceptable when it’s not drugs, however I feel it’s the same concept. Profiteering happens in all markets. Have you priced out Internet services lately? Gaaa!
      Suicide: Again, why is it your problem to prevent someone from wanting to die? It’s their life, their body, not yours. Everyone’s mind has different thoughts, not all of us put self preservation on the top of the list. Is a police officer suicidal if they run into gunfire to save someone? No, they are a hero. What about the person slowly dying painfully in a hospice? Why not let them end their pain?
      Libertarians here don’t want any more laws, just the opposite. I understand blanket stereotypes, however I’m not an American that wants any laws at all, aside from a few biggies, no murder, attacks on our country, immigration and biggest of all… don’t force issues on others.


      • I would not judge anybody as to whether they have a problem however, should a person who is vulnerable for whatever reason, be allowed to be exploited by others. My answer as a humanitarian is no. While we cannot prevent exploitation, we can certainly have laws that allow it to be punished and, who knows, may even have a deterrent factor.

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  5. I’m okay with the various political party labels, if only we treated each other like fellow human beings. This political season is so ugly it is embarrassing, and it doesn’t leave a lot of hope that people even remember what the Golden Rules involves. As a result of this current political season, I like to consider myself belonging to ‘none of the above.’ Going to the polls next week is going to be the most painful political moment of my entire adult life.

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  6. I have a great sympathy for the libitrian cause. Centuries of government regulations and control have rarely benefited the people. I do have a couple of reservations. First off I can’t spell it. Secondly I think there needs to be some protection for the most vulnerable.

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  7. Great post and nice to meet another libertarian. It sounds like you’re in the minarchist camp (night watchman state). I’m curious if you feel that taxation in general violates your rights or is naturally aggressive? Cheers!


    • OOPSY! I found you in my spam, sorry about that!
      I don’t know if I can truly fit in any category, as I have views all over the place. Am I part of the ‘minarchist camp’? Yes. I don’t want immigration, or to keep it at a minimum. I would also pay a tax for a general police force / courts. I don’t want to pay a tax for anything. I would rather pay a fee for the things I really do use. Whether it be a fee or tax, the definitions are the same to me. For instance, I do use roads, so I’m OK with paying for those. However, I have no children, so I would not want to pay into the school system.


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  9. I intended to reply to Jonolan saying libertarian principles are the same as anarchist principles.

    Meaning…small government covering the bare necessities is much different from no government.

    Meaning we agree. 🙂


    • Ah! 😄 Makes sense now!
      I use the WP app, and it doesn’t show me the ‘conversation tier’ its on (ie who’s comment it’s answering)
      Thank you for the comment! It’s well put! We’re a rare breed… so many minions out there can’t think for themselves…. they can’t imagine life without someone telling them what to do.
      However, be nice to him… he was my first troll ever! 😈 Ha ha!


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