The Fine Art of Jerry-Rigging

I was born to a book-smart Mother and a hands-on Father. My Mother wasn’t hands-on and my Father wasn’t book-smart. I still got the best of both of them πŸ˜‰

My Father** was so good at improvising, that his nick-name was ‘Jerry’, as in Jerry-rigging. The Urban Dictionary defines it as:

To fix an object (usually mechanical) to a working condition in a haphazard way. Also known as doing a MacGyver on it. This can apply to any non working thing, to fix it in a non-conventional way. This term was created during WW2, in reference to the Germans who were referred to as “Jerries” as slang. Allies often came across hastily repaired objects left by the Germans hence the term Jerry-Rig came to be.
I think this skill is a SUPERPOWER!
I hate being separated from my hard earned green. So much so, that when something breaks, I will always try to fix it myself first, find a work-around, remove the part or just try to forget the situation altogether!

For instance: My boss usually goes through a printer a year. He’s just that hard on them. The most recent one’s demise occurred right after I bought a bunch of ink for it. I was about to throw them in the recycling box, when I realized they looked a LOT like the cartridges for my printer at home. I brought them home, switched out the micro-chip from my old ones and BAM!! Five new sets of ink for Ilex! That is about $350.00!!!
imageNow, the biggest thing that really pisses me off, is that there is a cost difference from my boss’s to mine of $5 per cartridge! There is no difference, aside from the micro-chip. That is pretty dang lame!!

** My Father is of German descent.

Β© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

41 thoughts on “The Fine Art of Jerry-Rigging

  1. Smooth! We used to say there ain’t nothin that bubble gum, bailing wire, and body putty couldn’t fix. Wire coat hangers are great for hanging exhaust pipe, when the stock exhaust pipe hangers break. Holes in mufflers are easily patched using chicken wire smeared with body putty.

    Those are just a couple of the work-arounds I learned from my dad, who was Mr. DIY because any other way is, well, lame. Sounds like he and your dad might have been a dangerous combination!

    That’s so cool that you figured that thing out with the microchips. So that’s what those things are!

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  2. you can replace the chip? wow!!!! that means I can re-activate my printer this way too… theoretically… I will try it, I’m sick of paying a fortune for new cartridges just because of this chip-stuff. Thanks for a super idea, now I have a diy-project :o)

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    • The chips are for identifying the right ink cartridge for the right machine, along with ink readings. It may get confused as to how much ink is left (incorrect reading on dashboard) but you can clearly see if your print out needs the ink changed πŸ˜‰
      I’m not sure what you’re trying to do… ‘reactivate’?
      I was lucky to come across free cartridges. Maybe you can find cheaper inks and use the chip on them?
      I’ve also refilled my inks with no issues. Maybe that is an option?


  3. Very creative! Jerry-rigging is a huge part of life for us, there aren’t walgreen’s or walmarts close by. It’s a very good skill to have. Glad you got it!

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  4. If one thing I learned after coming here, Germans are usually unafraid of hard work πŸ™‚ And also It amazes me how they know to do/rig almost every small appliance or other stuffs at home πŸ˜€
    So,what you did, you go girl !!! I wish I get an idea like this πŸ˜€

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      • I agree with you. I always shop got bargains, garage sales, Salvation Army, Ebay, and craigslist. I also look for sales. I hate paying regular price for anything. My printer went out, so I would need a new one. I don’t sue it for much, but I would still like to have one.

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        • I wholeheartedly agree. I rarely pay full price for anything. I just can’t do it! I also research every purchase. I can’t believe how you can find more than one auction/ad and the prices can be so vastly different. It amazes me that I’m sure folks don’t look harder and pay the higher price with no idea they could have gotten it at a much lower price.


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