Dog Dinners

Our boys are spoiled…. but, this is not news to anyone!

I’ve read many articles, blogs, stories, etc, that tells us not to feed our dogs people food. I can understand a few of the issues with the theory. There are lots of chemicals and preservatives in people food. Not that there aren’t any in many dog foods.

In my opinion, drooling, begging dogs are probably the biggest reason folks don’t feed their dogs people food. It can also teach a dog that the human food marinating on the counter is theirs and just waiting to be stolen. My dogs have never tried, let alone they are too small to get anything off the counter top.

I, on the other hand, don’t like wasting food and give my boys left-overs when they occur. My meals contain very few chemicals, low sodium, gluten free and include a balance of good foods.


Today’s special: Pot Roast!


I mix the left-overs with their regular food. There’s no drooling dogs during dinner, as they don’t know they are getting human food until the bowls are put on the floor. However, shortly after being served, the bowl is quickly dispatched to their hungry tummies.

image      image

Breck taking down this bowl! That bowl didn’t have a chance… Empty in 10 minutes! Happy dog!!

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

20 thoughts on “Dog Dinners

  1. I do the same as you and give a few left overs to LM and also rice with her dog food on a regular basis.
    But I’m just re-reading that 10 minutes? I think LM must be a glutton, as she clears a full bowl in 10 seconds. Seriously, I do not exaggerate! She hoovers it up! 😀

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  2. I’m fascinated by some thing I’ve read about giving dogs people food in the context of their long history with humans – basically, the idea that people food/leftovers is the only thing they did eat up until the last about .1% of their time with humans. Of course, for that same time, our foods were probably much better for them as well – at least when it comes to the packaged stuff so many people eat these days.

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    • Marketing and misinformation has taken its toll on many honest to goodness things. The pet food industry is making a killing on folks like us that spend (doing math in head…) about $90 a month in food. Yes, I’m sure it’s bad to feed pets McD’s… Its bad for humans also!! However, a nice bit of leftover pot roast, steak, pork, rice… It doesn’t get wasted and my boys love it. Believe me, they don’t even want crap food. If a chip drops, they won’t go for it. It needs to be meat or cheese, or it’s ignored… Mostly.

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  3. Oh, your dogs’ food look so healthy! Mine is always just dried dog food and small pieces of fruits. It’s the same thing as you do that he’s never had eaten our food, but I guess he would try to taste it if it’s on the floor because my kids had fed him with their snacks before.

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