Art Shows & Meeting Fellow Bloggers

I recently went to an art show that was taking place near my home. Not only do I love art shows, a fellow blogger was going to be there showing off her goods!  ;-O Hey now! You know… her artwork! Karen of Karen’s Nature Art. I’ve been following Karen for a while now. She knows her botany and Midwestern nature very well. She’s blog is as interesting as her art!

From her website:

Artwork inspired by nature in a variety of media…including acrylic, watercolor, and pastel.  10% of the proceeds are donated to the nonprofit organization, Hesed House.

image        image

Karen brought beautiful jewelry, drawings, calendars and other fine reproductions of observations she’s made in nature. The porcelain vine berries look true to life on one of her necklaces. This one below caught my eye. I’m a sucker for anything orange or red. Karen told me she was inspired by the honeysuckle bloom when she made this. I love it! It goes with many of my outfits and of course, my ginger locks 🙂

imageWe walked around the show and this wineglass jumped out to me. Since ‘unplugging’ from T.V., we’ve been watching artists create their wares. One art that fascinates my husband an I is wood turning. We watch bowls and many other fascinating pieces of art being made.  This beautiful wineglass was made by Tree Nut Studio. The two wooden rings are moveable. They are fun to play with like a cigarette substitute 😉 We like it so much, we are going to commission him to make a cutting board / cover for our camper’s stove. I can’t wait to see it done. I’m sure Ill post about it 😉



© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

14 thoughts on “Art Shows & Meeting Fellow Bloggers

    • It was a fun experience. I’ll admit I’m not outgoing in a ‘let’s meet people’ way. That’s obvious by me not using a photo of myself on my blog. However, that changes after I’ve ‘chatted’ online with them for a while and I’ve made a connection. Then I’m all for it!
      Karen is an awesome artist and knows her plants! I hope to see her again, when she doesn’t need to pay attention at a show.


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