Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk or Forgetful Friends Either…


Look at the door handle closely…

I follow a traffic cop in Southern California by the name of Badge 415. He posts some funny shyt! This situation made me think of him…

I pulled into the parking lot of the local strip mall, containing a hardware store, where I was going, along with other stores and of course, a bar. It was early on a Sunday, and the bar was not open yet. This would lead me to believe that this car was a left over from Saturday night. I could go on and on about all the stories my brain was coming up with for the situation…

Did the driver get tackled by his buddy right as he placed the keys in the door and his friend drove him home?

Did the driver put his keys in the door, hick-upped and then thought he lost his keys and walked home?

Alien abduction?

The smell of the Taco Bell grabbed his attention and led him down the block?

How did he get into his house without his keys?

I’ll go back to alien abduction. Final Answer.

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

24 thoughts on “Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk or Forgetful Friends Either…

    • You still have faith in humanity, I see 😉
      I’m sticking with aliens.
      I’m sure had it been a Ferrari or Lamborghini, someone would have taken it for a ride. I would have been looking around for the secluded cops, as this would have surely been a taping of an episode of ‘Bait Car’!


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