The Local Watering Hole

Whiskey Old Fashion & A Moscow Mule W/Apple Cider… very awesome winter twist on a summer fav!
The usual drinks, just local this time and enjoying Blackhawks hockey.
We’re done camping for the season. However, we have decided to cruise down to Savannah, Georgia for Christmas! We’ve picked a great Campground right outside of town.
Have any of you been there before? I’d love to hear of any ‘non miss-able events’ if you have any.
We did buy the audio version of ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil’ for our ride down there.

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

27 thoughts on “The Local Watering Hole

  1. I can’t get a good look at the bill, but it looks like it has a red seal, that is an older one. It may be a silver certificate. If they are in good condition they are worth money.


    • These are actually worth more… It is a ‘promissory note’ for $2. Unlike the ‘blue sealed’ silver notes, those were backed by silver bullion. These notes basically say that a bank will give you $2 if you turn this in to them. They weren’t really worth anything, until they were turned into real currency. I’ve got a few $5 ones from WWII years. Sadly, with the advent of the internet, even these have lost their high price tag. At one time I could have gotten about $200 each. Now, maybe $25.

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      • Yes, I have several of them myself. I used to collect coins. It also depends on the condition, which of course is usually not good. I have a couple of 5’s, as well of both the red and blue red and blue. I noticed that right away. Mine are not in good condition, so they are probably worth $2, but I will keep them.


          • I have been sitting on mine as well. Some were given to me by my dad. Through the years some of them were stolen by my brother who used to help himself to the change I had. I was really pissed when I found that out. I have no idea what he gave away. Did the same with my baseball cards.


            • Ugh. That sux.
              I was going to say in my last comment that I also worked as a teen, at a few places in a mall us kids would hang out at. Many times I’m sure kids would steal their P’s paper money collection and come spend it at my stores. What was I going to say to them when they presented me with any unfolded, perfect rare bill? You’re a thief? Nope. I took it, gave them change and then quickly changed it out for a bill from my purse. I got many great bills from that.

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  2. I can’t remember the last time I found anything. When I was young. I would go to the bank and buy rolls of dimes and quarters hoping to find something. I found a few that way, but not many.
    I do dream though.


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