Evergreen Winter Seasonal Pots 2016

It’s that time again!! Wiiiinter pots!!

wp-1480902771446.jpg   wp-1480902771465.jpg   wp-1480902771466.jpgwp-1480902829957.jpgwp-1480902771450.jpg
winter-pot img_2356

We pre-fab these at the office and the crews deliver these to the client’s homes. You can skip many of the next steps if you already have a prepared pot of soil. We make them this way so we don’t have to stand outside and do it! I think this almost falls into that category of, ‘Lazy man works the hardest!’ Ha!

We use nursery pots that closely fit the size of our client’s containers. Cut a plastic sheet to fit over the bottom holes. This slows or stops the water from draining and helps freeze the display in place. Next, add florist foam to the middle for stability of the larger ‘thriller’ items, as these could be rather large birch poles. Then fill the rest of the pot with a 50/50 soil/sand mixture. Be sure to really stuff that soil into the pot. The better packed soil helps hold the display in place from precipitation, the weight of snow and wind.

The design is the standard, Thriller, Filler & Spiller! The Thriller is that one large sprig/evergreen, center piece, or for this season, mostly sticks. Filler are those mid-range sized pieces of evergreen, or other material that is generally wider and less tall that the thriller material. Spiller is just that, floppy evergreen, weaker-stemmed items that hang over the edge of the pot.

A few often overlooked hints and tips:

  • Fresh cut ALL of your greens right before sticking into the pot. It does make a huge difference as to how long the greens will stay green and especially how long the holly berries will stay on the branches.
  • After you have created your masterpiece, wet the display down well. It will freeze and hold all the stuff in place. It will also give some moisture to the cuttings.
  • Before using hydrangea, pre-treat them to a blast of clear spray paint to help them keep their form.
  • If your display becomes covered in snow, be sure to clear it by hitting the branches in an UPWARD motion. If you push too hard on them downward, they may break. A broom does a great job.

img_2376 img_2603 img_5761

img_2827 don2 img_2853 img_2865 img_5849 manone10

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© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

37 thoughts on “Evergreen Winter Seasonal Pots 2016

    • I can agree with you there! A nook is a wonderful place to stash one of these. At home, mine sits in an Eastern corner that doesn’t get much wind or snow. It is off the ground also, which makes for easy snow removal, if it’s even necessary. The one I made for work here is right out there in the elements. I did have to ‘fluff’ it after the snow we had a few days ago. You’ve reminded me to add something to the post… When cleaning the snow from these, the evergreens should be brushed UP instead of down to prevent breakage. Thanks!! =-)

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  1. Beautiful decorations Gal ! I don’t know much but I have always been curious about such decorations, I thought they used to be made out of plastic but I see now that they can be real. How long do they last ?

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