Sherry’s Lyme Treatment Fund

Sherry is a wonderful artist and photographer. We’ve been following each other for a while now. I’m so glad she’s reading my posts and catching photo mistakes and my bird ID blunders! πŸ˜‰
Sadly, while enjoying the outdoors, she contracted chronic Lymes disease. Even worse, her insurance doesn’t recognize the disease as a disease and won’t pay for her treatment! This is ridiculous!
Please help a wonderful, fellow blogger pay for her December treatment and hope her new 2017 insurance has some sense of humanity, and covers her treatments! Thank you!

Sherry Felix - port4u


Dear friends, I am forced to seek your help to pay for the treatments for a second relapse of my chronic Lyme disease, contracted while working as a naturalist at Greenwich Audubon, Connecticut in 1998. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) still doesn’t fully recognize chronic Lyme in the United States. This provides the health insurance companies with a reason to not pay for extended treatments. It is virtually impossible to find in-network doctors.

I finished 7 weeks of IV antibiotics (intravenous ceftriaxone), which used up my savings, and started Gamunex (IVIG), which is a tier 7 drug. I must pay %25 of $25,000 now. This includes the cost of lab work, medical tests, attending nurse, supplies and doctor visits. Gamunex-C (immunoglobulin therapy – IVIG) is can be used to fix the neurological problems. Three months of Gamunex worked in 2010. I tried using an in-network neurologist but he bailed…

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7 thoughts on “Sherry’s Lyme Treatment Fund

  1. This is so sad. I am so sorry that she has had to go through so much, and then lose everything. It just doesn’t seem very fair. I hope she can manage to have some kind of decent life after enduring so much.


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