How to Remove Stains From Limestone

One of our clients bought this bowl from Longshadow Planters & Lawn Ornaments in Southern Illinois. We install many planters from Longshadow, and you can see them in many of my seasonal landscape pots. The artisans at Longshadow do fine work and they have a wide selection of pieces, although all of their pieces are made from limestone.

Limestone is a very porous material and that has its advantages for plants or being out in the elements. A disadvantage would be that if the bowl’s drain hole becomes plugged for any reason, it can stain, like this one.


We brought this one back to try to restore it to it’s former ivory color. I would have preferred to have soaked it, however, because of it’s size I couldn’t. If you are able to soak your piece, I’d highly recommend it.

I started by pouring water over it to get it wet. Then, I placed towels on it and soaked those with water also. I then poured straight bleach onto the towels and let it soak for a few hours, followed by rinsing with 2-3 gallons of water. I repeated this until It was clean. After it was clean enough for my liking, I rinsed it again with copious amounts of water. Let it dry.


After it thoroughly dries, you might notice that some of the stains came back! I was uber-pissed to see that some of the worse areas came back. I had to go back and repeat the process a few more times and it finally stayed clean. This is why I feel it would have been better for it to be in a tub where I could let the water soak into the bowl, rather than just rolling off of it.
In total, this pot took me 3 days to clean.


To be sure your pot stays clean, be sure that the drain hole is clear and don’t use dyed mulch or soil mixtures (like cocoa beans or peat moss) in it.

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

11 thoughts on “How to Remove Stains From Limestone

    • Can it fit in another container, so you can soak it? That’s the best bet. The upside is that it soaked in, it can be soaked out! It may take a few days, butt limestone pots ain’t cheap… Best to give it a shot.. save money and get a new pair of shoes! 👠👢
      Too bad we don’t speak PMail… I bet Easy had many funny stories on there 😉😉

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