Another Dog Dilemma for the Oreo

Oreo can’t get enough tennis balls. He loves to chew, chase and de-fuzz them!

Normally, we keep all the dog toys in the white rack on the wall where he may be able to see them, however not get to them. He knows they are there, and when he want’s to play, he will sit in front of it and stare at the rack. This time he noticed there was a ball near the rack that he could reach. He didn’t understand it was on a rope!

I’ll have more info about this ‘ball on a rope’ in an upcoming post. For now, just enjoy and laugh at the poor, ‘lil guy!!

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© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

15 thoughts on “Another Dog Dilemma for the Oreo

  1. Oh goddess I almost choked to death laughing at poor Oreo and his dilemma😂

    He’s so gentle! Atina would have had the whole shelf on the floor. She would have jumped up on the desk, pulled everything down, including ripping the shelf off the wall, grabbed the ball, and hauled it all off where she could eviscerate the ball at her leisure. You have a sweet border collie boy. I have a terrorist Malligator!

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    • Clearly, I was not thinking about consequences here. I saw him eyeballing it, then trying for it… my brain only said “post material” and started filming.
      Isn’t this how most disasters start? The camera man is too engrossed in getting the shot that disaster ensues? 😣
      Thank goodness I was not cleaning up a dumped shelf!!


    • He’s clearly not a hunting dog, but I think he has what they call “soft mouth”, as he doesn’t maul things outta the gate. He has to settle in to do that. He’s sneaky also. I think that’s why he didn’t pull the whole shelf down. Although I did have to stop him as if it had continued, he may have.

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