Happy New Year!


Note the Cresent moon

Happy New Year ya’all! 
I’m loving my Savannah vacation… however all good things must come to an end. We leave tomorrow morning for the tundra Illinois. 
I do have many posts in the drafts folder from my trip for you.  I didn’t like my weakness in formatting, along with not being able to write an informative post and chose to wait until next week to post them.
I don’t generally do New Year’s resolutions, as my birthday is the 7th. There’s no way I will deny myself anything on my birthday! If I need to start a resolution, it’d be the Monday, following my day.
An easily achievable goal will be to learn enough html language to get me through a situation like this. If anything, I will make/save a cheat sheet on my phone and tablet to be able to use when needed. I had learned this awhile ago, just need a brush up!
Otherwise.. I have no other resolution thoughts… Well, I do, but they are no different than last year. Try to do more volunteer work and try to get into a non-profit. We’ll see!

Hope all of you have a great New Year’s and don’t beat yourself up on resolutions. 😣 You can start a goal anytime! πŸ€—

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

22 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

    • We are a bit weird in what we like to do, but here’s my list:
      1. ‘The beach’ or tourists call it Tybee Island. The pier near the lighthouse is damaged, but keep walking to next street and it takes you to beach. Parking meter maids are harsh I hear. We did not go in lighthouse, but hear its awesome! Please post pics if you do 😚
      2. See as many squares (historical district) as you can. All are beautiful. We’re not tour folks, however there is a tour for everything (ghost, Midnight in Garden Good/Evil, architecture, even drinking). We chose private horse. Very romantic. See the river, the old cobbles are trippy (quite literally πŸ˜‰) very cool architecture.
      3. The Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. I posted about this one. The drive through! Ha ha! You’ll love it! Lots of animals, birds, plants… Squeeeeeee! I loved it 😍 DO NOT forget your real camera or binoculars! Many things are on drivers side. I rode in back seat to see better. There are places to walk, but we chose not to.
      Those are my top 3, although seemed like more than 3… πŸ˜€

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