Toy Hauler Mailbox: When Good Things Come From Bad

We live in a somewhat rural area, where there are no sidewalks and our mailboxes are at the street. It’s the first time I’ve ever lived with this situation. In the past, I had a walking mailperson, who dropped mail in my house-attached box.

In the past few years, I’ve become an addict, along with many other online stores and the amount of package deliveries have spiked to epic levels. I do have a wooden bench near my door that is under an eave for those large boxes, however some of the smaller ones still got jammed into the small mailbox, ultimately bending or breaking something. Frowny face to the mail carrier!! No Duncan Doughnut’s gift card for you!!

Along with USPS (United States Post Office), I also get deliveries from UPS, Fed Ex, DHL, and other carriers. Only the USPS can deliver items INSIDE my mailbox, the rest get placed on my bench. Here’s a tid-bit for you; Did you know it is a federal offense to steal mail (anything delivered by USPS, in or out of mailbox), however only a misdemeanor to steal packages delivered by carriers other than USPS? This is why smart-ass thieves tend to steal packages off stoops over cracking into mailboxes. Either way, I’d hope the Karma train takes care of these thieves!

We’ve been talking about making our mailbox into a travel trailer for years. However, the timing was never good to start the project, along with the fact we still had a working mailbox… Until a week ago.

My neighbor is slowly dying. I can’t recall the disease that is killing him, however it’s a reaction from a drug he took years ago. He is unable to eat because of reoccurring sores in his mouth and in a lot of pain from a previous neck injury. He’s on liquid morphine and has hospice folks coming by often. One day last week, he got into a large argument with his wife, and amazingly was able to get out of the house and behind the wheel of his truck. I was actually writing on my laptop, overlooking my yard and mailbox when it happened. BLAM! Mailbox up! Mailbox down! Neighbor back-up and off mailbox, neighbor drive forward and continue down the street.

I ran out there immediately and called his wife, as I knew he shouldn’t be driving. She told me the police were already in route, so there was not much else for me to do, but to pick up the many pieces of my mailbox. Not more than 10 minutes later, I watched the mailperson drive by, looking at the mailbox-less post, and continued on. Um, you could have knocked on my door and delivered my mail! But no. The mail carrier just carried on.

I was able to Jerry-rig a close replica of my mailbox with what was left of the box, some bungee cords and duct tape. It doesn’t really close, however it would work for the interim.

Meanwhile, we decided it was time to make out new mailbox, technically a ‘toy-hauler’, and impress our neighborhood with our skills ;^D

  • First, we started by ordering a LARGE (24″ long x 12″ wide x 15″ tall), gray mailbox from In the future, we hope this allows for less squished packages.
  • Hubby painted on the windows, doors and details.
  • He then made the gas tanks out of PVC.
  • The bumper and hitch are made from copper and painted black.
  • The wheels came from a toy truck and painted silver instead of the yellow rims it came with.
  • The spare tire (also made from PVC) and the faux awning were then attached.
  • We found little reflectors online to create the taillights and side lighting.
  • Finally, we found a place that made little license plates for our address number. Yes, it’s a bit out of proportion, but we wanted it to be seen from a distance.

In the end, I’m really impressed at the turn-out of this project! I think it’s so cute!! If I recall correctly, without time and labor, material cost us about $85.00.

Ironically, my hubby sent a pix of this to his boss, who then posted it on his FB page, bragging about what a creative employee he has. Many of his friends responded back positively and even asked if his employee could make other mailboxes like fire engines and race cars! How cool is that?! Hubby has already been trying to figure out how to make mini hoses and Mars lights….


*PS – No one besides my mailbox was harmed by my neighbor. The sheriff found him parked on the side of the road, around the corner. Whew!

© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

66 thoughts on “Toy Hauler Mailbox: When Good Things Come From Bad

  1. Sorry your neighbor is ill, but this mailbox is a real hoot. Your husband’s boss may be sorry he shared that because I’m seeing a side business becoming a money maker. 🙂 We were driving around a small town here in SC and came across this mansion on the water that had a long boardwalk to the house including all the signs telling you not to trespass. Their two cars, BMW and Mercedes, were parked at the entrance to the boardwalk along with a regular mailbox. But, next to the mailbox was a custom made box to match the color of the house that had a sign for the various delivery companies to deposit packages. I don’t think you are alone in the increase of on-line ordering. 🙂


    • Thanks!
      That is a great idea. It’s tough when bad apples come and take packages from folks stoops. Luckily, I haven’t had any issues.
      I’m seeing “package areas” being built into the McMansion’s servant entry areas. Great idea, as I think online ordering will get crazier still.


  2. It appears your neighbour inadvertently did you a favour because you got an amazing mailbox out of it!! You and your husband are not only creative, but can take an idea from concept to reality. The license plate is cute, but I love the little gas tanks on the back!!


  3. I love this. So creative. Our mailboxes get crushed due to the snowplow drivers and their big blades. I think it is a game to see how much snow can you put on or near a mailbox before it gets crushed.


  4. Yes, when good things come from bad, you feel like you have won that battle. We are not “new car” people, so when one dies totally, it is nice to have the opportunity to look around for another that will serve us well.

    BTW, I like your focus–hardy plants of the Midwest and Border Collies. Unfortunately the Sable Collies today are being bred for more and more narrow noses, which leaves them with almost no brain room and NO eyesight. I grew up with Sable Collies and English Shepherds–the herd dogs that brought our cows home every evening.


    • Thank you! 😙
      I may not have a ‘Discovery’ worthy blog, however I love writing it 😃
      It’s sad about how some of the dog breeds are being bred for odd traits that are detrimental to their health. Like bull dogs and their large heads and breathing issues. So sad.
      My boys are clearly not working dogs… unless you count working for treats a job 😉
      I love watching the herding competitions. Such smart dogs!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I grew up on a large farm in rural Texas. Cows, chickens and pigs were part of what we had to feed the family. For me, an only girl in the house, it was hard to let the chickens go because they were my personal pets. The dogs and cats were useful too–each with its own duty to do what was necessary for the good of the family. All the animals had names, and all of them were loved. Even my siblings and I had our jobs too. It was like being part of a rowing team; if we did not row the boat would go the wrong way.


      • Hell, even without kids, I don’t have time enough. I can’t imagine having them, that would be no time for me.
        I went out to the store tonight and I was listening to NPR, and they were talking about men that were in their middle age, and how they have not kept up contact with the friends and their whole life revolves around family and the job. They do not have any time for their own interests and friends. The guy that wrote the article was saying, that you wake up one day and reach a point where, you really don;t have an individual life, and how everyone just goes off there separate ways. Friends that once were close, you never see anymore. He was saying that it was sad, and also bad for your health, because you need to have those times where you can be with other people other than just family and the job.
        Well that goes for women to


        • Very interesting topic! Yes. I’ve kept up on my individuality 😊 I love being able to make choices for myself.. the only person I need to think about is my husband. He’s pretty receptive to anything I do, as he loves his freedom also!
          I never worry about friendships too much. I have a bit of an anxiety issue that makes me kind of flighty. I don’t want to leave my house at times. That doesn’t make me a good friend sometimes. I admit it.
          There is a great quote about friendship I love.
          Friends are around for a reason, season or a lifetime. Check out the link for the story. I believe this!

          Liked by 1 person

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