Grass Flip-Flops Brings Summer to Winter

When it’s cold outside and there’s snow on the grass… These grass-lined flip-flops sure bring back memories of summer.

Brrr! Only about 4 more months till summer… Sigh.


PS – (Added to post much later than above was originally written) To a keen eye or another Midwesterner… This photo was clearly taken over a month ago, back when there was actually snow on the ground. True. It’s been floating in my ‘Scheduled’ folder for awhile. I almost thought about pushing it off yet again, until there was some snow on the ground to exaggerate my point of needing these grass-lined flip-flops… After checking the forecast for the next few months… I feel there’s very little hope in seeing any decent amount of snow the rest of this winter. Oh. so. NOT. sad!!!! Seems we may have an early spring. I sure hope so. Toes crossed!

© Ilex ~Midwestern Plant Girl


29 thoughts on “Grass Flip-Flops Brings Summer to Winter

  1. to ignore the snow and the cold temperatures is a good way to chase Mr. Winter away… when gets no attention he will pack his suitcases… BRAVO!
    btw: Prospan is a very good treatment in case you get a cold :o)


  2. Oh Wow ❗️ I know a guy in Park City, Utah on a $500 bet wore sandles & cut offs all winter in ’87
    He worked kitchen at the ski area & uptown at a restaurant…He would get off the bus & run everywhere❗️ Brrrr 😉


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