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The Big Announcement: Introducing Travel Bits

Not only does Sarah travel, pun and dress Choppy and Schooner… She writes books also!
If you haven’t checked out her blog yet… what the heck are your waiting for?! Every day the Anipals have something humorous going on and that is the way to start the day.
However! The big news today is Sarah has written two travel tidbit books for your reading pleasure. If you’re planning a trip to either of these places, you need her book now!
Thanks Sarah!

Travels with Choppy

Drum roll, please, as it’s time for the big announcement!

As of this week, I have two books available on Amazon:

101 Travel Bits: The Alaska Highway

101 Travel Bits: The Overseas Highway

Back when I started this blog, there were two main themes: travel and Choppy (usually together). Over the years, the blog has sort of evolved away from the travel, but I’ve always retained my love for it. Since beginning the blog, I’ve also written a few books, including one on traveling with Choppy, none of which have been published despite years of looking for an agent or publisher.

While working on getting those books published, I started working on some books about travel. These weren’t really guidebooks, but books of facts about various locations. Here’s how I describe the books on Amazon:

Travel Bits™ are not your typical guidebooks. In fact, they aren’t guidebooks at all!


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