Simple Amusements – Nail Polish Edition 

When I was knee high to a grasshopper, I was a Tom-Boy. Any dolls I may have been given soon became buried in the bottom of the toy box, unused. I was happier playing with a hammer and pail of nails my Father would give to me.

It wasn’t too long after seventh grade that I discovered boys and the need to pretty myself for them. I became somewhat of a ‘lipstick dyke’, a pretty Tom-Boy, that still knew how to over-haul an engine, however wore a skirt while doing it.

After I passed 40, I stopped wearing make-up and ditched many of my skirts for jeans. I used to be ‘little in the middle, but I had much back’, which made wearing jeans very difficult. Now that I have a middle, my jeans don’t fall down when I walk 😉

Only two of my girly traits have stuck with me all these years. My love for doing braids (etc) in my hair and my love for nail art. I had some color change nail polish years ago, but it didn’t work too well and was only two colors. Ah modern technology has many more options now! This is a no-chip type of polish and it changes to three colors!! Find it here on Amazon. There are many color options. Here, I clearly have two different color polishes, however they both work quite quickly with the temperature change. They are so much fun!

John, this video is for you, my buddy from down under, who always seems to notice my nails in the shot!

© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

23 thoughts on “Simple Amusements – Nail Polish Edition 

  1. Wow! That is super cool! 🙂
    Yes, I also notice your lovely nail art in your plant photos. 🙂
    I keep my nails short as I use my hands all the time and rarely wear nail polish, as it chips in hours – even the Hard as Nails, which apparently is not so! 🙂


  2. green is great… it is spring and it is st. paddy’s day!!! I was more boy than girl too as I was a little thing… and dolls scare me till today… my muppet-cousin told me once that dolls are death born babies and they become alive at night. she only wanted to get my brandnew baby born doll… but what she said made totally sense to me and I dislike dolls till today….they really look like she said…


  3. Cool! I am awful at doing nail polish, so my toenails are the only ones that get done (plus, I pick off all the nail polish on my fingers – including the clear stuff). But I do always have my toenails done. Apparently, my in-laws all thought I regularly went to the nail salon to get them done until a couple months ago. I wish!


  4. That’s awesome! I love when nails are done on someone, always a sucker for them. It’s one of those ‘simple’ [perhaps not so!] things women do that’s very unique, and yet rather stylish. Try to tell folks I appreciate it when it happens because have been told that nails can be quite tedious to maintain and keep up depending on the person/style.


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