In Lieu of Awards… Twin Tuesday is Here!

When I started blogging about 4 years ago, I wondered how some blogs had so many awards and how could I also become so beloved!! I stalked some bloggers. I wasn’t ashamed…. Commenting on every post. The need for recognition festered with every non-mention in the next award hand-out ceremony. I was desperate. .. I ended up finding a blog (I think) that basically invited everyone to take a certain award. I can’t even remember the name of it, and I even tried to search it to no avail. After I graciously accepted my award, applied my badge to my blog, high on my sidebar… I started awarding everyone I met. YOU’VE BEEN SELECTED!!!!


After getting three under my belt (not even gonna link to them, if you’re that curious, hit the search box), The first line of the fourth was, “MY BLOG IS NOW AWARD FREE”. I think after the first one I wrote, I was trying to follow the ‘Promote 15 other bloggers for the award’ dealio and noticed many folks noted that they were award free on their ABOUT page. I didn’t understand the problem with award posts until I tried to write one… They’re HARD. There’s also only so much information I’m going to write about myself.

Of course, the moment I didn’t want any awards, did I start to start receive them… in droves!

Isn’t it Ironic? Don’t you think?

Anyway. I did still like the idea of the awards…. To share the blogs that I found enjoyable with my MP fans. I did write a few thank you posts when I arrived at some milestones. Again, I feel that that was a no pressure way to promote a fellow blogger. However, I’ve thought of a clever way to celebrate and share my favorite bloggers yet again! Drumroll……. Twin Tuesday will start next Tuesday! My Tuesday’s post will be dedicated to one blog that I follow, in where I try to mimic their posting style.

Oddly enough, while searching for some of these meme’s (et all, for this post), I did run across a few articles/posts about how some folks freak-out when other folks do things like this…. ie, copy their blog premise or posts, more-so on a regular basis or flat-out verbatim. It basically creeped them out, huge! I sincerely hope I do not offend anyone, I also do not plan on changing my blog, this is a one and done thang. I really just want to celebrate the blogs I love πŸ™‚ So! If you have a blog that I regularly comment on, you are most likely going to be doppleganged! If you DO NOT want this to happen, please email me. I will also respect anyone asking me to remove it, post publishing.

I really hope that my blogging community will enjoy my attempts at imitation. Some will be easy… some will be hard. I’m going to enjoy the challenge and I hope the blogs I choose to honor and my fans will enjoy my attempts at doppelgangering! However, more importantly, I hope by sharing my favorite blogs with you, you’ll go check them out yourself.

I hope you enjoy the upcoming posts!!! Ilex

6 thoughts on “In Lieu of Awards… Twin Tuesday is Here!

  1. I like the idea!!! and I remember my first award… it was like christmas somehow… and even when I need an umbrella now for the flying rotten tomatoes, I like the idea of giving an award to a blog… it is a sign that we like what we read… and even when we have no idea to whom we should pass the award, because all still have all awards, it is a honor ;o)


  2. I smiled as I read your post. I have not been doing this as long as you and it has only been recently that I have learned how to set up my blog to look right. (I took a free on line course through the library to learn about
    Wordpress.) My brain was totally beat after that.

    I didn’t even know there were badges!! I wonder if the library has a course on that. 🀠


    • They are actually quite easy to come by, if you want them. I didn’t think so when I was a newbie, but trust me, they are. There is no difficulty in writing them. The ‘rules’ are passed on within them. In a nutshell, link to the person that gave it to you and write/share about yourself. It’s all about getting a blogging community together. That’s the part I like about them. It’s the tedious amount of research I don’t like.
      Since I’ve had them, I can pass them to you!! Click for your badges!
      You’ve been selected!!!
      Of course, no pressure to take them πŸ˜‰

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