Hurry Up, Already! Spring Can’t Come Soon Enough for Me!

Although I really can’t complain about our Midwestern winter this year, its still lasting too long for me. I’m hoping for an early spring, however it usually doesn’t happen like that when we’ve been teased so early in the year.Β  In mid-February, we had a week of 60F / 16C… That was just crazy weird! Of course the convertible top was down all of those days =-D We got a lot of yard work done that weekend. My front garden is all pruned and ready to be posted about. (I’ve been holding out on ya’all regarding showing you my whole front foundation bed!)

I’ve been out checking the status of the daffy and tulip bulbs, along with the buds on the lilac bush. The bulbs are barely out of the ground and no action on the lilac. I used to have a fair amount of crocus, snowdrops and grape hyacinths in my lawn. I haven’t replenished them in a few years and I think the squirrels have accidentally dug them up or they’ve perished, as I don’t see any yet. That’s OK. When things decide to pop, they tend to do so in a hurried manner. Spring bloomers, to me, are like the ocean or a 2 year old… turn your back on them for one second and they quickly change their status from OK to OH!

My quince are starting to bud. I love quince. Such a vibrant display of color. These shrubs are quite small right now, however as part of my front bed, I’m not planning on letting them get too large. I’m focusing on pruning them to be fuller shrubs. Quince can be quite leggy without proper pruning early in their lives. Since the blooms tend to be in the lower, inside regions of the plant, the more inside area, the more numerous the blooms. Same goes for my mock orange. These are a dwarf variety, however they have the same blooming location as the quince. Proper pruning will give these guys a thicker branching structure, lower in the plant. Of course you don’t want to get too crowded of a crown, that promotes less air circulation which lead to other problems. Like Goldilocks’s liking… not too much, not too little πŸ™‚ This is a great argument for purchasing smaller, younger plants… so you are able to prune and train them to your liking.

This may be my last Friday off this Spring. Sad face. Although I am writing this post on St. Paddy’s Day, these photos were taken before the snow… There is still about 3″ (9cm) of snow on the shady parts of the yard. I’m going to try to eek one more Friday out of this month, however that’s pushing it. I’m actually doing rain/bad weather dances, as that will delay any construction / clean-ups until April 1, when our contracts actually start.

I finally got a real nice, competent co-worker to fill a much needed gap in our company. She’s very young, however hungry to learn. Who knows? Maybe she’ll like horticulture and follow that into college. Maybe not. I just hope she stays long enough to straighten this place out a bit. After only three weeks, she’s proved herself immensely in keeping all the records straight. You just don’t understand how stress relieving she is to me! I’m a horticulturist, Jim! Not an office manager!! πŸ˜‰ I’m hopefully going to get out into the field a bit more because someone is there to man the office. Sadly, I did get my wish last Tuesday and had to drive to the North Shore in a snowstorm for an emergency tree locate. That was super!! NOT. In the end, it wasn’t that bad and I proved myself where 2 other ‘Master Arborists’* failed. Three’s a charm, they say…

As it is Spring around here… A time for new beginnings and all that. I’m going to try to get my life in a bit more order. First, I need to get myself in better health. I don’t know how I got so fat. I hope I don’t have a heart attack when I go out planting Spring flowers in three weeks =-O

Next, I need an income plan. Life at my job right now is pretty awesome (along with the pay), I’m not going to leave anytime soon. Yes, I have complained about it in the past (who doesn’t???), however now that I’ve got some well needed help, I can focus on what I consider more fun and that is working with plants.

Yes, I will continue with my blogging here. Honestly, during the flowering season, posts write themselves with all the photos. It only takes me a second to stop and shoot the flowers.. Haha!! I’m still hoping for that perfect writing job. Ya know…. The one that pays you enough to actually eat better than Ramon noodles? That is another reason I keep the blog going. It is a portfolio of sorts. It also shows I’m capable of finding stuff to write about.

Speaking of which… I thought of a great ‘Tuesday’ feature, that will also showcase some of the awesome blogs I follow. It’s a win / win. I’m not an ‘Awards Blog’, however I understand that they are around to try to promote each other’s blogs and share. I’m just not a big sharer of personal info, that’s all. However, I’m all for promoting each other! I’m not going to give the premise away just yet… They say you should always leave your audience wanting more….


*I’m only a test away from ‘Master Arborist’ status. It requires 10 years of active service, educational goals and passing a test.

Β© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

37 thoughts on “Hurry Up, Already! Spring Can’t Come Soon Enough for Me!

  1. Spring does usually live up to its name and suddenly Spring into life. Hope yours arrives soon – and no more snow!
    Glad to hear you got the much needed office help – “Bones”. πŸ™‚


          • Are you in the country, or near Chicago. I have so many people I talk to, that I get them mixed up. I am going to wait for the screens. I do hope Winter is over though. They are talking 70’s here too. I don’t really have anywhere nice to walk. I live in a trailer park, but I don’t mind walking. I need to do it.


            • No offense, I won’t post the exact town I’m in, however will give you an idea here….
              I’m about 20 minutes from the border of Wisconsin and would be in Chicago in 1 1/2 hours (not rush hour!). I wouldn’t call where I am rural, but a ‘City-Folk’ person would. I could have horses and chickens, if I wanted. There is nothing truly in ‘walking distance’ from my house, aside from a bar, but what else do you need.. Haha!
              We camp A LOT, which makes us walk the dogs frequently and love seeing other folks campers, whether they be on wheels or chocks.

              Liked by 1 person

              • No problems. I am north of Detroit and there is nothing here either, but I live in a trailer park, if you go up the road a little ways to the north, people have horses, and chickens, and behind us not to far on a back road there are several farms.
                I love to camp and hike, but have not done it in years. We don’t even have a bar here, but a party store. The closest grocery store is 4 miles. You are probably further. I personally hate it here. I would rather live in the South. I was going to move down there, but could not find a place with the money I had I don’t like the cold.


                • I can’t speak for now, however Florida had much cheaper living expenses than up here, when I lived down there. House taxes were unbelievably low. The only thing that was high was car insurance.
                  They don’t call it ‘heaven’s waiting room’ for nothing πŸ˜‰

                  Liked by 1 person

  2. It sounds like life is pretty full for you. Enjoy the change in weather and try to take a break from all that work to look after your own garden – or is that work, too. πŸ™‚

    60F/16C is Winter as far as I’m concerned. πŸ˜‰


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