Camping Season Countdown…

This is the cutest camping anthem I’ve ever heard!! It sure gets me salivating for the camping season πŸ™‚ less than a month away.

Our opening trip is April 14th. Sqweeeeeeee!!!

14 thoughts on “Camping Season Countdown…

    • To my P’s, camping in a “no-tell-motel” (when we had no choice, on the road) was camping! HaHa! I got sent to camp as a kiddo, but we did have cabins and bunks at least. It was the first experience with pooping in an outhouse… =-O


  1. What enticing sights and sounds! Hard to pass up touring our nation’s beautiful parklands.
    After being captured by the winter one way or another,
    it does feel good to get out and run about.


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