Burn the Fields!

Since I was focusing on my front foundation plant bed for the past two years, I passed on doing my veggie garden. We tried to keep it weed free, however weeds won the battle. Late last fall, we just cut it down to a few inches tall. We are planning to have the veggie garden back this season. To prepare for this, we needed to get rid of these weeds! An easy way for us to do this was to burn them. I’m a bit of a pyro. In my younger years, I would have loved to be the firefighter that battles the wildfires. I’m too old for that, however I am certified to work prairie fires. Of course, I can still have my fun in my own yard!!Β 

In lieu of using the normal fire starter method used for prairie fires (diesel) we opted for a harder method, however our method would not taint the soil. We used a propane torch. It got the fire started, however because we weren’t dropping drips of fuel, which would fuel a fire so many ways better, our method relied on the dryness of the plant matter and wind. We chose a 10 MPH wind, and used it to ‘push’ the fire along the bed. It wasn’t perfect, but it got the job done.

I’m not sure where my hubby got that pink firehat. They were being given out somewhere and it had somehow got placed on the shelf near the propane torch. He thought it was apropos for the situation. I just thought it made him look cute.

Like I said, this was not exactly a wildfire! This was as good as it got. I think those flames are reaching waist height.

In case you’re wondering why we are burning our fields, in short, our area “The Great Plains”, requires a burning now and then to cleanse the non-natives from the native lands. Non-native plants and seeds usually can’t survive the heat of the fires like our natives can. Ancient Native Americans learned this long ago. If you’d like to learn more, click here.

Burn, baby, burn!

Β© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

14 thoughts on “Burn the Fields!

  1. Looks like such fun! Who doesn’t like playing with fire? πŸ˜€
    I like how you controlled the fire at all times though, as they really have a way of running wild.
    Love the pink safety helmet! πŸ™‚


    • They have been burning in my area like crazy. I’m on the burn notice email for Cook, Lake & McHenry counties… Just in case I feel like blowing off work and playing with fire >8^D It’s going to come to a temporary halt soon, to allow the all the baby animals to pop out.

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  2. The Australian Aborigines had huge understanding of the way to use fire. When the white man came he forgot what he had never learned and in some ways that is why we now have huge dangerous fires every summer.


    • We white folk over here learned about fire from our Native Indians also. They used fire for many reasons… safety, rejuvenation of fields and hunting. In the Midwest, there’s no real chance of wildfires, however the West coast (California) has many wildfires that destroy many homes… however the landscape is happy πŸ˜‰

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