New Doggy Bling

Last week, we ordered new collars for the boys. They were from Four Black Paws. These are beautifully, hand-made and well constructed. We got cute hearts for Oreo and a grayscale pattern for Breck. Oreo needs a thicker collar at 1″ wide, whereas Breck doesn’t need a thick collar, and we got him the 3/4 inch size. Both were size large.

The super cool part about these collars, is that their names and contact phone numbers are etched onto the clasp. No more jingle, jingle.


So cute!!

© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

26 thoughts on “New Doggy Bling

    • Thanks! These models work for treats 😉
      Guess who picked the ❤💗💙💛❤ one? ME! Who picked the subdued, greyscale one? Hubby. 😛
      I wanted a tie dye one for Breck… Thought it would pop with his gray background, butt I got out-voted.


  1. Nice new collars will do wonders for the morale. 🙂 Very nice only I don’t care for snap collars. I go to Pet Co or a feed store to get the collars. I wish that I liked this kind- but I just don’t. Your boys looks handsome in the new collars.

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