Spring Blooming Flowers 5-25-2017

Happy Thursday!

I’ve Already written this post a few days ago and have scheduled it for today. Because I’m on VACATION! At the moment, I’m probably sleeping. Woo such a party animal 😉

Click to see previous years blooms 201620152014 2013

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘PIIHM-I  ~ ‘ Twist and Shout’ Hydrangea


Chionanthus virginicus~ Fringe Tree

Azalea ‘Karen’

Itea virginica ‘Henry’s Garnet’ ~ sweetspite, Virginia sweetspire.

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Endless Summer’


Cotinus Coggygria   ||   Cornus florida var. rubra

Paeonia suffruticosa~ Peony tree

Acer pseudoplatanus ‘Eskimo Sunset’ ~ Variegated Sycamore Maple

© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

8 thoughts on “Spring Blooming Flowers 5-25-2017

    • Yes! Thru are pretty and easy to care for. There are many kinds also. There’s a new one I can get that’s really pretty. I think it’s coming up in a post. I’ll give you a wink to look at this one in the post. Maybe you can find it by you.


    • Hmmm. Did you hold your computer upside down so you could see them? That might be the problem, you know, since I loaded them for the northern hemisphere folks 😉😉😉
      I did check post tho. All seems to be ok now. 😊


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