What’s That Bird? 

Knowing that my camerone can’t take a photo at a distance, I’ve learned that shooting a quick video can make-up for the lack of detail. I may even be able to pull a still from the video. Sadly, not in this case.

I am a beginning birder and try to key these little guys out to the best of my knowledge, however it is based on personal perspectives also. Although I think Juncos are black and white birds, many keys have them under brown. I furiously search under black, then white and can’t find them. Now, I’ve also employed other websites like allaboutbirds.org to know even more about the birds I have identified. I’ll admit I don’t feel like I’m any better at ID, but I’ll learn. I’m used to plants that love to be admired and stand still white I look for identifying features, leaf shapes, petal count, undersides… etc. Birds and animals… Not so much.

This little, yellow guy has a black face and is not a American Goldfinch, at least not a common one, I know those. I’ve looked through trushes, flycatchers, finches… exhausting!

I was in Central Illinois during Memorial Day, not sure if migration was still happening or these guys are residents. I was in a prairie/savanna area, not too far from water.

Any guesses??


© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

30 thoughts on “What’s That Bird? 

  1. I sympathise with the bird identification. Often I only have a photo of one pixel! I do have a great SA Bird book, by Newman, which helps me the most.
    From what I can see of your little bird, the only hint I can offer is that the shape of the beak looks like a Chaffinch type bird.
    I’ll have to check back here to see if someone has identified it. 🙂

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    • You’d think it could fly to you 😉
      I have to get used to how certain guides are classifying their colors. I mean, 80% of birds here are brown! Gesh! I’d think a splash of another color like yellow, would get you reclassified to something other than brown. 🤓
      I have such a great group of nature loving bloggers around me, surely someone would know… and Sherry knew! A dickcessel 😃

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      • Goodness, not the most flattering name, is it?..

        Most of our bird guidebooks lump the different families of birds together, rather than by colour as yours seem to do. So for instance it is easy to see that a bird is some kind of eagle, duck or sparrow, and then as all the likely suspects are all together in the span of a few pages it is easier to compare them with what you are seeing, and with each other, to the point of identification. Maybe that’s a project you as budding birdwatcher can tackle for North America’s birds!


  2. I think the bird is a dickcissel and the colors from your video cause the bird to have bluish tones which the bird really does not have. But maybe it’s my eyes since I’ve cataracts which throws color off a bit. They are birds of open grasslands much like the meadowlark. Always try to use habitat as a clue but rarely a bird will not exactly be where you’d expect.

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