Ah, Home Sweet Home!

This is my front door. I took the left side photos May 30th and the right, June 20th.

Most of April and all of May was a rain-out. We had 10 inches (25cm) of rain in those 8 weeks. Even when it wasn’t raining, Sweet Sol was hiding behind her fluffy, white shawl. There’s not even a trace of her shadow on the wall. At least, the foliage looks green and lush in this light!

June 9th it got hot… like Hell Hot. I’m not complaining… Yet.

Things grew very well until the heat. Things were looking really sad and I even had to water my established perennials.


We don’t use our front door. It’s too awkward to enter here. No overhang. No space. No where for shoes… It’s so much easier to enter from the garage. It’s like having a huge foyer! So, this year we finally decided to embrace our inner Red Neck and start sitting on the porch. It’s so nice to enjoy all the beautiful things that fill our senses. The flowers smell so sweet, the fountain sounds so melodic, the birds look so joyful and the chipmunks make us smile.

Ah, Home Sweet Home!


© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

34 thoughts on “Ah, Home Sweet Home!

    • Sometimes I don’t get what an architect is thinking when they design a home. Clearly, they are not thinking practically. When you open my door, you hit wall, and have to shut door to get to closet.
      Yes, if I could rehab, I’d remove it!


  1. The first thing I noticed were those two chairs, simply asking to be sat on in the early evenings, with a glass of wine in hand! 🙂
    That’s a lot of growth for one month, though!
    And so much rain! Here we have only had maybe 1 cm at a time, if that. I wish I could shake the Earth and redistribute the weather!

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      • True that, proper rockers do require a bit of room, as do some porch swings. But, boy, do they make me look forward to my little old lady years. My mother has one of those rocker-esque types chairs that has a big coil on the side. The dogs always kept it too pushed up against the house for me to properly evaluate, but it did seem comfortable.

        I gotta check out some more by the Chickasaw Mudd Puppies. I’m always in the market for some good swamp music and bluegrass. 😀


        • Yes! The coil on the side rocker! That is what I was looking into. They remind me of playground animals on springs 🤣
          The Mudd Puppies were a fav of mine. I saw them in Chicago in 1991. Even jammed with them on stage with a wash board! I had lost my tape years ago and have been looking for copies. There are videos all over the net for free, however no Amazon (electronic) buying, aside from the CD. 8 Track Stomp is my fav of the 2 albums they made. I ordered it yesterday!

          Liked by 1 person

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