Weekend Coffee Share ~ 6/24/2017

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Can I offer you a cup of sludge (Folger’s coffee that over flows the filter, even though I’m only making two cups)? Since I flood my coffee with cream and stevia, it really doesn’t matter if I buy cheap coffee… I can’t taste the difference πŸ˜‰

My hubby is off to work another Saturday. He feels guilty if he doesn’t work it before we take the next few days off. Me? I don’t feel guilty one bit for taking off work. It’s a dog eat dog out there, however I’m not planing on dying before I enjoy this life of mine.

I always remember my parents listening to Paul Harvey and his show, “The Rest of the Story”. Β  It irks me that news affiliates rarely report the outcomes of stories, due to the need to grab folks attention with new, fascinating stories, rather than ‘dwell’ on old ones. In the spirit of Paul, I figured this post would be a good place to update you’all about some things.

Back in January, when I was due for a salon visit to cover my roots, I made a decision to stop dying and let my inner silver fox appear. Which I have been, sans one visit to dye the lower hair to match my natural color (darker than where I was) so, in theory, I’ll never have to dye again. My hairdresser did not dye my roots, however I do feel she went a bit darker than my natural color. Honestly, I love it! It really is a dark, dark brown. It actually does compliment my complexion quite well, I thing.

The roots are about 2 inches long now. Clearly, I have a few Lily Munster streaks right in the front… Awesome! I’ve been taking biotin, and feel it’s really making my hair grow like a weed. It’s long enough now, that when I’m driving, I go to check blind-spots and realize I can’t because I’m leaning on my hair. Very happy with these results. I need to learn some cool braiding styles now. I do have anxiety issues, that force me to play with my hair… I might as well put those issues to good use and learn updo’s πŸ˜‰

Both of us have been to the DDS now. I knew hubby was worse off than me, however…. 😯 I didn’t really think we were going to be that far apart. My visit went pretty much as predicted. This new DDS had ALL of the most recent gizmo crap available in the DDS world! All my x-rays were splashed across the 52″ flat screen mounted on the wall, followed by real-time photos of each tooth, front and back! When was the last time you saw the back of your mouth from the back of your tongue?!? After that was a periodontal exam… 232-332-222-332… only one 4! Awesome, I can squash that quickly. She agreed that the 2 teeth can just be removed and sadly, found 3 small cavities. I’m slated for the chair after vacation. In total, $1,000. Not bad.

My husband was not so lucky. We talk about many things, however the DDS is a touchy subject. Not so much that he didn’t want to go or anxiety issues, its because he realizes it’s kind of a necessity to quit smoking to avoid issues in healing his mouth. In short, if you’re not aware, when you get teeth pulled, you should avoid ‘sucking’ on things (straws, candy, cigs) to avoid dry socket. Since I quit smoking in 2006, I’ve only mentioned to him quitting a hand full of times. Nagging rarely gets you anywhere in this house… I know the phrase, ‘you won’t quit until you want to’. We have touched on it. I can just say, I hope he can do it. I need him to be around. Without him, I’d be lost.

After we talked about his visit, I didn’t realize he still had all four wisdom teeth. Yikes… and they are all impacted. I was lucky, I didn’t have lower and tops are tucked away forever in my skull. He also needs four crowns and a couple of root canals. All in all… $15,000 was the bottom line. No worries, let me get you a tissue for the coffee that blew out your nose.

I’ll have to give a report in the future.

Work has been better, slower this past week. There is always a slight lull at this time. I think many of the 1%ers travel after the kiddos get out of school. No one is home to complain. I have been teaching my young padiwan how to use my quoting program… At least how to retrieve existing quotes when I’m absent. I told her she should learn as much as she can at every job she works at. I told her, her goal should always be to take the bosses job away. At least that was always my strategy. She’s smart, I feel she will go far. She reminds me of me a little bit πŸ˜‰

Otherwise, on a whole, we’re all good! Everyone is healthy and happy =-) I hope you are all the same! Enjoy the long 4th of July weekend, if you’re with me in the states. We’ll be enjoying Door County, Wisconsin in the toyhauler, with the boys. I’ll be trying out my Instagram skills out that weekend with the picturesque scenery of ‘The Thumb’. I may not be able to join you’all next Saturday, however I’ll check in the next.

See ya!

Β© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

20 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share ~ 6/24/2017

  1. Since I drink my coffee black, I like to mix some expensive coffee in with the cheat. I create a special blend which I did spit out when you shared hubby’s DDS quote. Yikes! I love it when I get compliments from millennials on my skunk strip aka Lily Munster look. Have a great trip to Door County. I look forward to photos and a review!


    • Yes! I do love your gray, swipe of courage πŸ˜‰
      Yes, we may need to shop around for hubby. I’ve not gone over the bill with a comb yet, however it needs to be discussed. My father just told me he got 8 implants for $13,000. If that’s true (He is a bit forgetful of things…) the estimate is a bit high, IMO. I will be trying out my new waterproof, sport camera. That should be fun!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. $15,000?!? That’s insane. I just can’t even wrap my mind around that.

    Has the hubby tried e-cigs/vaping for quitting (if he wants to quit)? I’ve known more than a few long-time, heavy smokers who have quit in the last couple years thanks to them.


    • I know. I think you could purchase a new car for that… :-O
      I think a big lump of it are those wisdom teeth, and there’s no getting around that issue. The other stuff, well, I’ll know more when I read the details. All I did was flip to the end of the book, scrolled down, viewed the total and almost went into cardiac arrest.
      He does use vapes in situations like him being in the car with me, air travel, places with limited outside access. Sadly, we’re back to the no sucking again. πŸ˜‰ Yes, surely some single, random puffs would be OK, considering he’ll be Jones-ing.
      We’ve slightly discussed it. He should do the patch and have a bunch of tasks (he calls it tinkering) lined up.
      He could pay off that DDS bill in 5 years if he quit smoking ($3,000 a year habit).

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  3. Woah, that sludge is powerful stuff !!!!! I hope the $15,000 bill will do the trick. My dad went to Betty Ford, and I thought the $12,000 bill would cure his alcohol problem….and I was wrong…best of luck with it…you are right about the nagging thing too.

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  4. Oh my! I know the hair situation perfectly! Once my hair turned white I was done coloring it! I like it! Dental visits are always so much fun……… just might as well have a savings account for them! I sat in a dental chair everyday for two years, I had all my teeth implanted! What a process that was 20 years ago! Did I tell you I am originally from Indiana?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m just getting over the initial shock of all the white… I’ll get there.
      My dad had all of his done awhile ago. He’s starting to have a few issues tho.
      We’ll be camping in Indiana for Labor day. Had a friend in Indy. It’s been awhile since I’ve been there.


  5. Go to the Mexican border towns, you can get dental care for less. I stopped taking the vitamins and I almost had no hair. Back to vitamins and I have more hair. I added bioten recently a d my nails are growing again. Have a pleasant week.

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