Summer Blooming Flowers 6-28-2017

We leave for Door County today!!! OMG, I am so ready to kick up my heels. Not that we’re a ‘relax-on-vacation’ kinda couple. We’ve got a rain day plan of going to an art studio that has all kinds of different activities, then we’re totally going kayaking again, we’re going to catch a fish boil, go fishing where Hubby grew-up fishing, there’s a place I want to go that I’ve not remembered what the name of it was! Doh! It’s a natural oddity.. crater.. thang in the rocks.. I’ll surely post it when I go there.

I’m not a fan of Faceplantbook, I do have a page for this site, however stopped linking posts to it years ago or even visiting it. Too much pettiness and folks were stealing my stuff! Angry face! I still post this blog to Twitter. I also forward (Gesh, I don’t know what it’s called to just throw back out a tweet..) things I feel strongly about. I don’t actually go on Twitter. I’ve only got a handful of followers there. I think it’s because I don’t read IST. Oh, that’s Internet Slang Terms. I have a pretty vivid imagination (heehee), I can come up with some pretty good answers to any given acronym.

So after trying those two and not feeling the love, I’ve been trying to embrace Instagram.  For those who visit my page, for realsies, on the computer, on the left sidebar, I’ve added a ‘What I’ve Seen‘ header, that is my account. I have been posting things that are a no-no.. Like ya’all probably think we’re alcoholics. I assure you, we’re working alcoholics.

I would love to hear any tips, unwritten etiquette, #Helpmewithhashtags, and even connect with anyone else enjoying Instagram.

I’ve got some posts set to pop off on schedule for the weekdays while I’m away. Internet is pretty good up there, I should be able to answer comments. However, I will be embracing Instagram and posting many photos from our adventures during the next 7 days, in lieu of posting them here. Enjoy your Independence Day!

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Aquilegia vulgaris ~ Columbine in White   ||   Veronica longifolia ~ First Lady Speedwell

Muuuuuuull-Beeerries! Nom. Nom. Nom.


Baptisia alba ~ White wild indigo


Rosa ‘Radrazz’ ~ Knockout rose       ||    Wisteria frutescens ~ American Wisteria (I totally missed this one. Lame. It’s on my house!!)


Allium ‘Globemaster’    ||    Arenaria serpyllifolia ~ Thyme-leaved Sandwort

Erigeron annuus ~ Fleabane

Catalpa speciosa ~ I call it ‘The Cigar Tree’ because the fall fruit looks like a blunt.

© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

36 thoughts on “Summer Blooming Flowers 6-28-2017

  1. Yay to Holidays!! 😀 I’m off myself for a long break in 2 weeks time. 🙂
    I hope you both have a marvellous time, seeing many wondrous sights and downing many delicious beverages!
    I’m not on fb or any of the other social media, so can’t offer any tips, but will go check out your Instagram page. 🙂

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  2. I sometimes use Instagram because it was recommended for disseminating my photography. I find it a pain to use because I have to send the images to my phone before I can post them, so I rarely do so. I like the fact that WP send posts to FB and Twitter for me. I am not a fan of FB either and do not chat on it. Same goes for Twitter and Tumbler. It comes down to personal choices and what you use social media for. I enjoy sing WP as a platform to show my work and talk about things occasionally. The other social media sites are purely for displaying my art.


    • It is nice that WP automatically posts to other social media. I’m looking into all the options, however some are just not my bag. I’m the same as you, I let Twitter run automatically, basically. I’ve had a few plagiarizing moments on FB. I just don’t have time to track that stuff down. I don’t get that it doesn’t happen on WP, at least not to my knowledge. Type of folks on FB? (Gonna end there)
      What’s your experience on Tumbler? I’ve never looked at it! It’s on my list, tho.
      I knew that I didn’t want to deal with downloading stuff from camera to my puter, then upload to social media. Thus, when I was camera shopping, I got one that bluetooths to my phone, via an app and I can post directly. Granted, it’s not edited, but I’m not an editing kinda girl 😉
      BTW, because I use the WP app, and don’t see folks I follow full page site, I didn’t realize you had a book out! I noticed it on your email signature. I promptly bought the online version. I’ll be checking it out this weekend.
      Have a great week and holiday! 😁

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  3. Hope you have a marvelous trip. 🙂 My raspberries haven’t turned yet, but I love the anticipation of watching them progress right into my freezer for winter enjoyment. I call that site you mentioned Fakebook. I’ve thought about Instagram but am I right that you can only post from your phone? I’d prefer to post from my laptop – old school, I know. 🙂

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    • Thank you! 😘
      We are so looking into raspberries and planting them between us and the ‘mean dog’s’ property. Their fence is in tatters and we’ll then use it to hold the canes up on one side.
      Ha ha! Fakebook! I say Faceplantbook, as many folks don’t understand the mistakes they make posting to it.
      There are ways to post to Instagram via your laptop. A quick internet search gave me many options to achieve it. Yes, I get that its made for mobiles, however there’s a work around for everything, IMO!
      Have a great 4th!

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    • Thank you! I saw your connection in my notifications… I’ll get over there next and connect. 😊
      I think you’d just roll in the dough if you had a little shop up there. I feel the place is mobbed with artists, however few have storefronts. You really have to look hard for studios.
      Ironically, as much as I say my next move would be someplace without a winter… Door County is topping my list for a place to live!


  4. Facebook is the only one of the social media platforms I’ve ever gotten into, and that’s probably because I got on there during its first few months of existence so it seems natural to me. I can see why people like Instagram, but it seems like a lot of work. And Twitter I’ve never understood. I do post sometimes on them (and there are auto posts for Twitter). But I will check in on Instagram now, if only to see what I’m missing up in Door County!

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