Summer Annual Pots

Forgive me, I’m a bit late in posting these. I hope you’ve gotten out already and planted your pots. However, now’s the time for great sales and if you’re not picky and have an open mind, many things will look awesome together.

Be sure your container / pot is very clean to start the season with. A good, stiff brush dipped in a 10% bleach solution will do the trick. This will kill off any of the nasties waiting to infect your flowers. This cleaning should take you through the season also. No need to disinfect after each season change. (Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter)

You don’t need to remember a bunch of annual names. The only thing you need remember for a well-presented display is: Thriller, Filler & Spiller! The Thriller is that one large plant that is generally in the center and taller than the rest. Filler are those mid-range sized plants, often of ‘fatter or fuller’ stature. Spiller is just that, plants that hang over the edge of the pot.

Here’s where your imagination needs to run free through the flowers. In many of the containers below, the photos are of the plants after there has been a bit of growth put on them. You can also get instant height from a trellised plant such as a mandevilla, jasmine or other vine. However, take a look at mine this year on the left. I decided to go with a non-instant gratification pot, so-to-speak. The rear plant is an orange canna that will reach a height of about 3 feet, so just past the window frame. By that time, the ivy and geraniums will gave ‘spillered-out’ and hang to the ground. Annuals grow extremely fast and this pot will look fab in just a couple of weeks. I’ll link a future photo here.

Another tip ~ Flowering can be increased if the plants are kept on the drier side. This takes a bit of skill, as you don’t want them to dry-out, but keep them on the brink of drying. Why?!? Because. Think of it this way. If you’re kept all fat and happy without doing anything, why not just enjoy the hand-outs? (can you say ‘vegetative growth’? Haha!) Just like some of the folks living off us tax-payers, yet they have nicer stuff than me. =-( However, if you need to work for everything you’re getting, you fight to survive and multiplying is surviving in a plants eyes. Thus, more blooms = more seeds. Boom.




I hope these have inspired you! Here’s some from last year… BONUS!!

© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

20 thoughts on “Summer Annual Pots

  1. Aaah these are gorgeous. Loved all of them. I have the pots and the plants and have yet to put mine in the pots. I’ve had lots to do with other matters and hope to get that all done this week-end. I’ve got coleus, 5 varities, sweet potato vine- 3 kinds, and 2 kinds of a spiky grass. The coleus are gorgeous this year.

    One pot is for ferns- maidenhair, 2 painted ferns and three of the curly scaly fern( native). Can’t decide what sort of pot to put them. I have a hard time making decisions and it clearly shows. I want to be able to bring the fern indoors and must figure out some sort of protective device for the pot to keep my cats from laying in the pot. Maybe a bit of chicken wire. 🙂

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    • Thank you 😙
      I love coleus, they have such beautiful colors and patterns to them. We use many coleus and ferns here. Many folks have their pots under awnings, which shade them.
      I giggled about the cats liking to lay on the ferns 🤣 Duh! That has got to be a nice, cool, well formed bed for them! I’d probably find it quite nice myself 😋
      Maybe you could put a few upright sticks among the fern, this wouldn’t allow them to enough space to lay.. unless they break the sticks… Then you wouldn’t have to look at the chicken wire on the outside, the sticks will be hidden by the frons.
      Have fun planting!

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  2. love it, specially the one with the blue flowers looks so fabulous! I noticed that a lot of peeps here have very high flowerpots now… they look more like vases than pots… but the idea is good, I could protect my flowers this way from pee-mails :o)

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    • Thank you! Yes. The pots on your doorstep are meant to be seen from the street. And when you live in a castle, the pots need to be big or high. Many of the pots are urns (Look like wine glasses 🍷) The ‘new style’ now is plain and tall, like a milk glass🥛. Many others are on pedestals.. you know Phenny, like the one you’re on… ha ha! 🤣😂🤣


  3. I love the pots posts!

    Even better, this year, it seems like my flowers are thriving – your advice seems to have finally settled into my mind, and my pots look awesome. Definitely like someone who knew what they were doing planted them, instead of me (who clearly has no idea).

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