Summer Blooming Flowers 7-12-2017

It is a sad day fellow writers! However, the battle isn’t over yet! Let’s put our big girl and boy pants on and fight!

Please don’t let us loose Net Neutrality. I’ve posted a short video and link at the right, if you are viewing from my home page. Otherwise, another link below will lead you to the same information. Please take a moment to contact your congressperson & the FCC about this horrible situation Big Cable is about to put us in. I know many folks I follow are writers and respect the right to write about what they want. Freedom of speech! Without Net Neutrality, you could be censored! Please click on this link and contact them in any way you can or promote this on your blog page also! Thank you!!

.flowers blooming past for here clicK: 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013

It’s almost mid-July and things are blooming all over!!!


Unknown grasses    ||    Along with some unknown seedheads!

Astragalus canadensis – Canada Milk Vetch


Nightshade bloom Tomatillo?   ||   Geum triflorum ~ Prairie smoke


Dalea purpurea ~ Purple Prairie Clover      ||     Dalea candida ~ White Prairie Clover


Eutrochium purpureum ~ Joe Pye weed     ||    Asclepias tuberosa ~ Butterfly-weed

Asclepias tuberosa ~ Butterfly-weed


Asclepias syriaca ~ common milkweed, butterfly flower   ||   Amorpha canescens ~ Leadplant

© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

17 thoughts on “Summer Blooming Flowers 7-12-2017

  1. the prairie smoke is great!!! I’m with you, slow internet sucks and I don’t want to be like nekked and controlled … instead to find a way to keep the hackers and spammers in line they punish all people… the name of this thing is world wide web and not world wide jail ;o(

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  2. Hi Midwestern Plant Girl. Please excuse me, in advance, if you are opposed to me pointing out facts – because I love reading your blog! It’s too bad that you think this is Trump’s idea (and therefore it’s bad.) That notion that you can blame this really bad move on Trump is well, wrong! Obama wanted net neutrality. See:
    If you read this link, you will see what a lie it is and how the idea of censorship isn’t even mentioned – it’s all covered up with the idea that it’s a “right” to have access to the internet – like free universal salary, or free healthcare, or free college. It is an effort to control information by the deep state here in the US and it follows Hillary’s stated agenda to create a population that is “unaware and compliant.” (ref. Wikileaks, John Podesta emails)

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    • Thank you Dana! I like having a deep discussion about something NOT plant related every once in awhile 😉
      First off, I did vote for Trump. That doesn’t mean I love everything he does. I can even say that even tho I was very depressed at 99% of what Obama did… I was pretty happy about his Net Neutrality alignment.
      Presidents aren’t the be all end to all decisions either. Things happen through the houses and outside of government also. Just think.. why is it that the internet is so slow here in the U.S.? If our gov wanted us to be more educated and surpass other countries in smarts, we need a faster internet.
      I’m a bit confused about the censorship statement you made.. I read the link, however just because it doesn’t mention censorship, doesn’t mean it wasn’t going to happen. The statement by Verizon in the link below states (in short) “it’s not censorship, it’s like an editor deciding what stories to run in a newspaper”. The internet is not a newspaper. It’s like an infinite library that we all should be able to access.
      This leads into the part of your comment about the internet is a right… Honestly, that part confused me a bit.
      The internet isn’t a right, its a thing. Everyone can access it. The other things you mention are not free, someone like me, that pays taxes, is paying for someone who can’t afford healthcare, welfare, etc.
      I do agree with your idea that the gov is trying to dumb us down. Duh! Stupid people are easier to herd! 🐑🐏🐑
      In the end, I think we both agree that Net Neutrality is a good thing, and maybe we should just focus on that fact, rather than how or how it didn’t become threatened.

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      • Net Neutrality is like Obamacare…..what it looks like on the outside is not what it actually does. Obamacare shored up insurance companies – forcing everyone to have insurance. Net neutrality gives government control where it doesn’t belong….did the government create the internet? No. We both agree the internet is not a right. However, when you get into it with people that want everything to be free, they insist that information is a right and that the internet should be free because everyone has a right to have information. This is the argument used for government control….why the sheeple go along with it. I have read, which is why I am opposed to net neutrality, a very good article on why it will end up being very bad….I’ll try to find it for you, it’s quite old (like several years.) Internet speed has nothing to do with net neutrality. How did the cable companies come to control the internet? Well, let’s go back to congress and cable boxes for tv. Remember the 90’s? I do. The newspapers announced you had to go out and get cable boxes (converters) for your televisions, something to do with Congress, like tv antennaes were not going to work anymore. We didn’t check into it, we just accepted that we needed cable to get a television signal. Not so, as it turns out. But the “news” had me fooled. Flash forward 25 years….I’m checking out tv antennaes for my flat screens…because there’s nothing on television worth watching! But, I’m “bundled.” Now in that bundle I have internet….which I pay for BLAST speed…but the speed test (once I can get a signal that isn’t dropped) says I’m getting 14.6 mbps not the 200 mbps I’m paying for. I kid you not, 4 hours on the phone with India customer service. As it turns out I have “old” equipment. So I trade it in at their store. Took 4 hours to plug it in and get it to work – and the speed still wasn’t enough to prevent buffering! My husband took over and after only two more hours on the phone got a technician to come out the next day. As it turns out, our laptops, one of which is 3 months old, doesn’t have the capacity to receive the signal (a new 5 ghz signal) so installs a usb something or other and changes the settings on my computer to only recognize the 5 ghz signal. 3 years later, we are getting what we have been paying for, for three years. Congress set this up. We really don’t have any recourse. My point is….if the government is involved, we’re screwed. Less government, more freedom – – less government, more choices. Sorry for venting. I’ll get back to you on the article! Yes, nice having a cordial talk!


        • Ok, I read it. Even popped off a few links for a deeper understanding.
          I’ll admit I’m a tad confused, however understood your point (I hope, let’s see 🤓).
          No, I don’t want the gov to meddle in private affairs. (Libertarian)
          If net neutrality is won, the gov will have to meddle to keep it.
          Thus, its setting precedent for more gov meddling?
          Granted, I don’t like that idea, but I don’t think gov is going to get any smaller or any smarter. I have to live with the gov meddling in many of my affairs, unhappily.
          However, what about upholding the few rights I do truly enjoy, like freedom of speech? Where are these fight orgs getting their fuel for this? IE, they are saying isps can sensor.
          In the end, I’m passionate about only a few things. Politics is NOT one of them.
          However, I don’t usually willy nilly jump on a bandwagon without a bit of research.
          I also understand there’s two sides to every story 😉 And I thank you for yours!

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