Summer Blooming Flowers 7-13-2017

Happy Thursday to you all!! Looks like it I’m almost catching up with the Blooming Flowers I was able to capture. I seem to find them is spurts. Sometimes finding 30 species in a day. I think July and August are big-time blooming periods for us Midwesterners. The blooms are highly colorful, also. I feel like many of the Spring blooms are white and yellow, just my opinion. Let the flashy, colored parade begin!!

Journey to the past blooming posts  –  2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013


Dianthus ~ Cheddar pinks     ||     Achillia ~ Yarrow  (Loooove this color!!)

Lillium ~ Lily

Campanula rapunculides ~ Creeping bellflower


I knew this and forgot it. Think it starts with a ‘C’   ||  Got nothin’ =-(



Malus ~ Crabapple    ||    More Achillia ~ Yarrow


This allium was bigger than my head… that’s huge!    ||    Papaver somniferum ~ Opium poppy or garden poppy (wish I could have gotten it open…)

Lillium ~ Lily

© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

20 thoughts on “Summer Blooming Flowers 7-13-2017

      • I’m near Seattle – sometimes I feel like it’s a miracle that I can get anything to grow!! This year my green beans rotted (too much rain) in the garden. haha. I know there is only a certain time of year they are sold for shipment, so I’ll check.

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        • The rain this year was bad for us, also. Many farmers couldn’t get out to plant fields, and the tree farmers couldn’t get stock out of ground either.
          I looked Seattle up, you’re zone 8A. Nice! I never realized it was that warm there… only heard about the cloudy days. 😔
          Yes, planting for those allium would not be fall, most likely. You don’t get a real winter like me 😉 I like Colorblends to order bulbs from. They’re always reliable.

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          • I will look them up! We do have sensational summer weather – IF we have a summer…it’s perfect now, but (fingers crossed) we may have just enough time for a few tomatoes to ripen before the annual molds set in…before 9 months of gray….famous for gray and that part is true.

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