Flat Rabbit

I believe everything cycles. Things go up, things go down. The perfect song that comes to mind is called Turn Turn Turn, by the Byrds. Did you know that the song is word for word the first eight verses of the third chapter of the biblical Book of Ecclesiastes? These tid-bits are what keep my Trivial Pursuit gold metal on the wall πŸ˜‰


The reason I launched into cycles was to describe the rabbit population around here. I’ve lived in this house for 13 years now. When we first moved in, there were enough rabbits around here to make stew for the whole block! They munched through all my veggies, perennials and had me swerving out of the way of them on my street. Don’t know why I didn’t just mow them down. Turkey vultures need to eat too.

The next year the rabbits started strong, however shortly after June, I barely saw any. I didn’t really notice any correlations, just that there were no rabbits.

Fast forward to living here for 7 years. Six of those years were spent enjoying my life without rabbits! I could grow my spinach, beets and carrots without having to build a fortress around them. The seventh year was the return. My Rudbeckia was decimated. I thought I was having seed failure in my beets. My dogs started digging under the fence. The rabbits came back with a vengeance. Again, they were everywhere.

Later that year, I started to notice how many birds of prey were circling overhead. Many times I would hear the loud chirping from birds during a combined effort of mobbing. The clincher was having fur and rabbit pieces strewn across my lawn on a weekly basis.

Fast forward another 7 years…

As my boys are sight orientated, they seldom notice things that are still. I will normally notice something in the yard before they can get to it. Sadly, my hubby isn’t as observant. After getting home from a long day, he opened the back door for the boys to go out. He propped the door open, and sat down to have a smoke. It wasn’t more that 10 minutes, when Breck brought the last half of a rabbit to him. He just put it down at my husband’s feet and looked up at him.Β  How nice of him! Hubby took a shot for me (He knew I’d blog this!!! Thanks Sweetie!), scooped it up and put it out front. He then went out back to see what had gone down back there. There was clearly a scene of carnage out there. Only fur and bloody pieces remained. He assumed the bird was able to take off with at least one half. He gathered all the pieces and promptly buried what was left in the front yard, away from the boys.

I titled this post Flat Rabbit, because one of the boys favorite toys is a stuffingless rabbit, called Flat Rabbit. This was a whole nother type of flat rabbit!!

Β© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

34 thoughts on “Flat Rabbit

  1. we have a lot of rabbit since two years too… the weird thing is that we also have a lot of foxes… so it should be “in balance”… but it isn’t probably the foxes prefer the trashcans and are too lazy to hunt rabbits…
    sorry that you had to remove the bloody mess…. maybe to say it with cab calloway: run little rabbit…


  2. I love that song and just listened to it on youtube. Then I goggled the third chapter…
    Your knowledge of trivia is fantastic! πŸ™‚

    Many things in nature are cyclical, including this plague of rabbits. Now I’m reminded of that movie The Birds and I’m shuddering.

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  3. We have so many rabbits around here too. My dog goes nuts for them, but luckily hasn’t made one her chew toy yet! I have a little bias against them myself, as they used to climb into the bottom of my old car and chew the wires every time I parked at the airport. The economy parking lot became quite expensive!

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    • Ooh wow! They went after your auto wires?!? How weird is that?
      To my knowledge, my boys haven’t caught one, but I suspect one of them (Breck – he’s lightning fast) did get a squirrel. I didn’t see it, but found the body, undamaged.


  4. We never had much trouble with rabbits. Then our two cats were run over by a truck and we didn’t have the heart to get any more. Then the next year we started noticing rabbits and the year after there were a lot. The cats had been keeping the rabbit population down by taking out all the little ones.


  5. OMG! Parts of rabbits falling from the sky…I can tell you that Lady wouldn’t have been handing over her find. You might’ve read about her rabbit find and how she ate it on the beach skinning it clearly a professional killer. I’m about to pass this over to Geoff. Great story.
    xx Rowena

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  6. Ilex, forgot to mention that we’ll be dog sitting. This has been on and off so I won’t be en tirely sure the dog is going to turn up until she gets here. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/singleton/dogs-puppies/help-need-a-pet-sitter/1154031014 Luna is a border collie x kelpie. Her owner’s plea touched me after losing Bilbo and I didn’t want her to lose her dog. I am hoping this is not one of my crazy schemes. We are still missing Bilbo like crazy and Lady is really quiet. Hoping this dog perks her up, and she copes with the changes involved. We’re thinking of getting a Border Collie pup next year.
    xx Ro


    • Interesting! I hope it works out. I’m sure it will help get Lady out of her slump, with a little K9 companionship.
      Thank goodness there isn’t an ‘exceptable’ mourning time after dogs pass… I got Breck 4 days after my Heart died. Breck was in a kill shelter, and I did have to move fast, or…. 🀀
      I can’t wait to see how this turns out. Good on you for helping out a fellow dog lover also! I’m sure she’s really appreciative!


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