Filling a Gap

This venn diagram is super!

I think I fall into the ‘Lacks Passion‘ part of the equation. 2 for 3… Not bad!  Trying to ebb into the 3 for 3 ‘Sweet Spot’!

I’ve got a few directions to go now and I’m pretty manic about them. No worries, tho. I embrace some of my crazy. Better manic that depressed 😉 I will certainly share these directions after I completely commit.

I hope to get on-board with some career coaching, even. Does anyone have a reference or does this sort of thing? Please contact me with your rates. I see no reason that this can’t all be done on-line these days. So, it doesn’t matter where you are.

To that end, my posts and visits to your blogs will become a bit more sporadic, due to the focus I must place on my journey. I will certainly share posts about Horticulture Therapy, as I have always been a writer and can’t completely disappear 😉 I also learn so much when I write posts, not only from the research while writing, but from the comments section also! Writing about HT will just strengthen my knowledge.

Chase your dreams!!

© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

28 thoughts on “Filling a Gap

  1. The sweet spot is where it’s at! I find it interesting that the cross between what you love and what pays well = potentially miserable. That is not what I would have thought at all. I guess the implication is that if it doesn’t come easily to you, you could be miserable. I get that, but I bet most people would be thrilled to be paid well to do what they love. I also wonder if you love something, how hard is it really? Curious to know your thoughts on that!

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    • I did put a bit of thought into the ‘potentially miserable’ wedge. 1st, it’s only potentially, not always. So, maybe it’s that folks miss out on other things (things the majority think are important, family, love, hobbies, friendships), because they are so dedicated to their cause that they do nothing else? 🤔
      I also love to sing in my car, but I know I’m not the next Katy Perry 😉 I can’t say I didn’t try at one point, but I’m a bit of a realist now. 😏

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  2. Hello there. I’m late to the chat and about to catch up a bit (if my internet behaves!). 🙂
    I don’t know many who have found that sweet spot – the “do what you love’ always seems to be sacrificed.
    However, these days one can expect to pursue many different careers and I wish you all the best in your new adventure. Looking forward to updates. 🙂

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    • Thanks! I have to still send you the email, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed this week.
      Yes. Things that I love, I mean like loooove, are not truly available for me to reach, at least not now. My strongest pull ever, was to be a singer. I grew up in too much of a responsible family and thought it too risky to try. Oh well. Off to new adventures now, tho! 😁

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      • Pity about the singer – but I understand. My Dad had to choose maths over being a concert pianist, because less risky. Still, singing could be a part of your life.
        Don’t worry about quick replies – you must be very busy right now.
        All the best with your new adventures. 🙂

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        • I still sing in my car and anytime a song needs to be sung 😉 I’m ok with that.
          I can’t change my routine that fast.. I’m used to starting my day reading emails, weather and WP… It will take a while to fully change into studying 😉 Need my books to arrive also, ha!

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          • haha Yep, books might help!
            Also, there’s a Japanese tip on making a change in your life/routine. You set yourself a task (eg learn French) but only spend 1 minute a day on it, at the same time each day. After a while, you get used to the new routine and start to spend much more time on your new task, which doesn’t feel like a chore then.
            I have been doing this with Duolingo French and am up to day 117 now! 🙂
            It might work for you also?

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