I’m Ready for the Eclipse


I think this may be my first selfie! At least my first POSTED selfie 😉 It wasn’t very easy to pull off, since I could not see my phone screen through the darkened welding helmet screen. Yes, it is perfectly fine to view the eclipse with a welding helmet, as long as it creates at least a setting of “Shade 12”. This helmet provides between ‘Shade 12 – 16’, so I’m well covered. Sadly, the sky may also be well covered also 😛 I’m in northern Illinois and we have a storm going just south of us… Hopefully, it won’t bring clouds with it.

I hope everyone gets out and at least tries to view the eclipse. The next full one to cross the U.S. will be in 2024.


© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

35 thoughts on “I’m Ready for the Eclipse

  1. Well I’m a day late and $2 short in replying as I am just about all time. I can say assuredly say that your selfie just might be one of a kind- at least in your house. I think it’s genius. I hope you got to see the eclipse but I didn’t look at it. We had some darkening but here in Texas we were more or less on the fringe. I identify with the commenter who had eye surgery. My eyes are in need of 3 more to go with one down done on July 27th. I didn’t think about a welding hood. My son has three in the shop in my back yard but they don’t look like yours. His helmets cost about $200-300 each and are nor fancy. The have stars and stripes and the colors of the flag on them.

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  2. We went out to see it…and it was very anti-climatic. Perhaps it was because we had cloud cover, but it didn’t even get that dark. Oh well – I guess I’ll just have to go somewhere with a total eclipse and see if the full effect is more amazing than the partial experience.

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  3. you didn’t have to dress up just for us Ilex, we are all just friends here,
    although you are lookin’ good!
    watching it on TV give me the greatest view from all across America.
    by the time it came to our location it was too cloudy to really see anything.

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