Net Neutrality is in Danger!

Revised: 12/14/2017

It’s a dark day for internet users. The vote was 3-2 to gut Net Neutrality. Who is running this country? 83% of American’s said this was not what they wanted! The Alabama Senate election was closer than that. Gesh. I hope everyone gets their binge watching in, as sites like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and other viewing sites will become expensive.

What’s next after the controversial repeal of the rules that polls have shown are supported by a majority of Americans? The latest, a survey released by the University of Maryland this week, found that 83 percent of Americans do not approve of Pai’s plan to deregulate ISPs, including 3 out of 4 Republicans.

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You know I’m not for big government, however Net Neutrality is a necessity!  Take a look at this hilarious video, if you’re not sure what net neutrality is or how it will effect your internet. The vote is December 14th. Contact your local government to stop this nonsense! You can send a message to the jerk that’s heading this revolting action here.


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11 thoughts on “Net Neutrality is in Danger!

  1. It seems that the few huge companies are much more powerful than any government. And I don’t understand. All I use is WordPress and email. And a little bit of Facebook. Seriously, what are my worst fears?

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    • Mostly, you have little to worry about. HOWEVER….
      Do you do any research for your posts? I feel you do, as you’ve added links at times to other good info.
      Here’s a example of what could happen (made personally for you 😉):
      What if you started noticing either the lack of info since you searched a subject last (censorship) or you needed to pay extra to see the information?
      I assume you pay for internet service… Your internet provider may change your billing options, a lower monthly price might not allow you to access to certain sites.
      WP is free right now to you. Your internet provider may decide to charge WP additional fees to be ‘broadcast’ on it’s server. That means no more free WP! 🤤
      I use the internet for virtually everything. I cancelled my TV and only watch shows via Amazon, Netflix, YouTube and Hulu. ISP’s (internet service providers) want a chunk of the $ these companies are getting from subscriptions. This means my $7.99 a month Netflix will most likely go higher.

      You know how much I love politics 😛 This is sadly one area I’ve kept up on. I don’t want more gov, however there aren’t enough ISP’s around to make them compete against each other (monopoly situation). They are all in agreement on their greed, anyway.
      The big picture here IMO, is that 83% of folks did not want this to pass, yet it was passed. Who the eff is running this county? The people’s word should be the end of it. Politicians are not listening to the folks that put them in office! Big shock there 🤤😲😠
      Long enough rant for ya 😘

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  2. It never ceases to amaze me that a nation that still gives a certain amount of lip service to opposing monopolies (and their dangers to the general populace) lets such a herd of astoundingly massive monopolies not only exist but thrive. Killing net neutrality is merely another step down that ugly road. I hope enough people figure out how much of their political beliefs (in many cases, I’d call them religions) are counter to their own best interests along with the rest of the country’s before too long. I hope it, but don’t trust it. Humanity is too good at self-deluding, historically speaking, to give up such entrenched desires for what we think is in our best individual interests. Sigh. Maybe next year…

    Thanks for the educational video, though—even though it makes me mad it’s totally hilarious. 😉



    • Great comment!!
      Dem or Rep… This was not a fight between them…. I agree, some folks are very religious… er, I mean political 😉 I am passionate about issues, and this issue was a biggie for me. I know ‘statistics’ can be manipulated to make your cause look great, but this is was a yes/no issue. 83% of Americans DID NOT WANT THIS! So why did this pass?!
      I feel any enema truck needs to back up to Washington and clean out the feces. 💩

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