Good day!!

This blog will be focusing on the diverse, horticultural environment that is called the Midwest, specifically zone 5.

I am very curious about everything that goes on within my Midwestern island (and sometimes beyond), that I will post other topics that have piqued my interest whether it be odd, new, outrageous, or just nothing I’ve ever seen before! We’re 4 seasons here… Winters are long ( I also tend to get a bit loopy…) not much is happening in the horticultural department!

Our little family also loves to explore (Geocache, kayak, tube, hike) and camp, which usually produces some interesting stories to write about. We hope to travel wherever there are roads to take us in the future.

Fine Print:

I am pretty opinionated and tend to get a bit over-excited at times… I may need to apologize now! =-O However, if you’re looking for a blog to follow that is 80% Midwestern Plant information and 20% utterly crazy observations that will either keep you in stitches or piss you off enough to un-follow me. You’re in the right place!!

FOLLOWS: For me to be able to fully enjoy and comment on the blogs I do follow, I must keep my follows to a comfortable level for daily reading. Bloggers do come and go quite quickly IMHO, tho. I do enjoy comments, I tend to flip-flop follow chatty bloggers over the LIKE hit & runners.

I also don’t really have time for awards. After you’ve done 4-5 and the likes are four stars each, it got old for the amount of time I shoveled out. I prefer to give back to my FOLLOWED blogs in different ways.

Things I hang on my wall regarding Horticulture:

I live in Lake County, Illinois with my artist/plumber husband & 2 Border Collies. I grew-up tending flowers with my Mother and veggies with my Father. I earned my Degree in Horticulture (Natural Areas Management), a Certificate in Landscape Maintenance, Urban Forestry Management and obtained my Arborist license from the International Society of Arboriculture. I have my pesticide applicator license, but practice IPM (integrated pest management – i.e. I try to be organic). My desire to help others drew me to the University of Illinois Master Gardener program, where I volunteered for a time, answering the public’s gardening questions. Currently, I work for a well-known, high-end landscape firm as an estimator, designer & plant buyer.

….Yet I dream to be viewing the country via my toy-hauler, writing environmental and animal grants…

If you have any questions, please ask!

I will be happy to address any questions.

Enjoy your day!

Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl



172 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ilex, I live in southeastern WI and also have applied to the Hort Therapy program at Chicago Botanic Garden for 2018. Hope to meet you there! Best wishes. Jennifer K., aka @plantgirl14

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good day Jennifer! 😁 I am so excited to get this new part of my career going! I was a bit intimidated by the amount of paperwork CBG wanted for registration. Guess I’m used to normal college class registration… sign-up, pay, then attend class. Do you think there is tough competition to get in? I’ll admit I’ve got butterflies 🦋 in my belly! I wish you the best 😁 Ilex


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