In a nutshell, it is uncool to steal.

Definition of copyright

It’s easier to ask for permission than to beg me for forgiveness.. Yes, this quote is correct regarding me.

I would love to inspire you to think for yourself and use your own thoughts and words to describe your ideas.

I will not permit my work to be used in it’s entirety without exclusive permission.

Although, I don’t mind a reblog with credit. I also don’t mind if you quote me, just be sure to cite me. I also don’t mind if you use my photos, again citing me for the photo.

Posting my photos to pintrest is a NO!

Please know that I do periodically search my own verbiage & photos out…

Cite as follows:

Ilex Farrell – The Midwestern Plant Girl –

Thank you for your understanding =-)


11 thoughts on “Copyrights

  1. Thanks so much for your like on Tide Line Still Life. I hope that my photos of the shore will bring you delight, as your garden photos delight me! Please visit again!


    • Good day Maggie!
      I think my comment may have went into your spam folder. =-( I seem to be having that issue lately.
      I had a chance to peruse more of your blog and I’m hooked… Follow was just hit.
      I couldn’t be farther from a beach, well, a saltwater beach. I hope your photos keep me warm during the long, cold winter!!


      • Nope! Comment arrived, and I am delighted to receive it. You are so kind! I’ll be walking the tide line on Saturday; weather rarely makes a difference. Stay warm! Best, Maggie

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Ilex, I got a strange post announcement containing nothing but an alphanumeric string, which did not lead to a post, meaning that the post had been deleted, or else was a phishing thing, or maybe just something I know nothing about. ???? I did take a screenshot of the email if you want to see it. If it did originate with you, feel free to delete this comment and just say somewhere in my comments, “it was mine.” Thanks! I’ve recently had my whole email account hijacked (gmail) and had to start all over again, so when I see suspicious looking content, well,I get suspicious….


    • Thanks for your alerting me, but it was me attempting to remove myself from some RSS feed site that was sucking my posts off my site and claiming them. Their directions were to post the code/number somewhere and it would be removed. You must have opened your reader at precisely the right moment, as that post was up for a whole 2 seconds! Thanks again!! Getting hacked SUCKS!!!!


        • Yup. It was streaming in an RSS feed under Midwestern459. I like to seek myself out on the Web sometimes. . See what’s caught up in it! You never know what you may find. I did see some Pintrest pins, but they had me credited, so I didn’t bug them. πŸ˜ƒ

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          • I guess it’s good to Google the name every once in a while, eh? I was kinda pumped and kinda not, the day I googled “bipolar” and my blog came up as the second result…like, maybe I should go back underground…But really, having stuff pinned is very cool…means people like your photos! Especially when they give you credit!!!


            • I love finding stuff online! When I’m especially bored, I search myself. Odd the things that come up! It’s pretty cool you come up on the first page of Google. I have to battle with Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Stewart… haha! I don’t mind (and yes, I’m appreciative of the like of my content or photo!) a pin or reblog, it’s just the full on content stealers that piss me off.

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  3. Hey MPG, I saw your post about content stealers and just wanted to check in. I love your content scope and am constantly tweeting your post titles with url and blog name. But as I recently discovered about “fair use,” even that complete attribution is not a legally satisfactory substitute for permission. So I’d like to ask permission to keep tweeting out your blogposts and hopefully generating some clickthroughs to you in the process. It sounds like you’re pretty liberal about this, but an explicit ask on my part couldn’t hurt πŸ™‚



    • Happy day Asa! What you’re doing is A-OK with me! πŸ˜ƒ I’m not that stingy with my posts. I only dislike a blatant, full copy and paste of every post being run under another name. That is a bit much! Ironically, they didn’t c&p my name at the bottom of each post. I have had some folks Pintrest my stuff… I’m really ok with that also, they did give me credit and were respectful. Actually quite nice with their comments.
      So yes! Please continue! This type of sharing is how it all works, right? πŸ˜‰


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