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Punked my Pups!

I don’t like to waste food, and lucky for the boys there was some left over ham from the weeks sandwiches. Instead of cutting it up and mixing it in, I decided to be an a$$hole and stick it to the bottom of the bowl, under their food >:-D


I don’t normally feed them in the living room, however I knew I’d be documenting their progress.

Oreo went straight to working on getting the ham out.

Breck was just gobbling! So much so, his bowl was rolling all over.

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Happy New Year!

My type of fireworks! See all the colors? Georgia allows fireworks. We’re getting a free show from all the neighbors.
Downside.. the boys are freaking out. Breck is in the pooper, Oreo is under the table.  😳 Why do more folks like the boomers over the Ahhh pretty ones?


© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

Dog Dinners

Our boys are spoiled…. but, this is not news to anyone!

I’ve read many articles, blogs, stories, etc, that tells us not to feed our dogs people food. I can understand a few of the issues with the theory. There are lots of chemicals and preservatives in people food. Not that there aren’t any in many dog foods.

In my opinion, drooling, begging dogs are probably the biggest reason folks don’t feed their dogs people food. It can also teach a dog that the human food marinating on the counter is theirs and just waiting to be stolen. My dogs have never tried, let alone they are too small to get anything off the counter top.

I, on the other hand, don’t like wasting food and give my boys left-overs when they occur. My meals contain very few chemicals, low sodium, gluten free and include a balance of good foods.


Today’s special: Pot Roast!


I mix the left-overs with their regular food. There’s no drooling dogs during dinner, as they don’t know they are getting human food until the bowls are put on the floor. However, shortly after being served, the bowl is quickly dispatched to their hungry tummies.

image      image

Breck taking down this bowl! That bowl didn’t have a chance… Empty in 10 minutes! Happy dog!!

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Borg Ship Dog Toy

We were near a Pet Smart and Old Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard was bare. We always peruse the store for bargins. The boys really like large balls like volley and soccer size balls, but they pop them quite quickly. The fun isn’t completely over, as the ‘ball bowl’ is now just easier to grab onto. However, no more kicking, rolling or chasing. I checked into the cost for a durable dog product of that size.. Ouch $45. My boys can get through things both cheap and well-made. That is 5 cheap volley balls. I then spied a large square ‘ball’ – It’s a Chuckit Kick Cube. Hmmm. $12.50 clearance. How bad can this be? They could easily bite the edges instead of having to bite a round surface.  There is a rubber part in the square’s centers that make kicking it a breeze, however it’s very unpredictable.

As a Star Trek fan, I immediately dubbed it the Dorg Ship (Borg).


Oreo figured out how to pick it up first. Breck learned how to head-butt it out of Oreo’s mouth first!


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Obnoxious Dog Ball From Hell – Its Baaaaack!

This crazy, squeaky ball will not die. I thought over the winter this ball would disappear. However, Breck just unearthed it from the snow today. He brought it into the house to thaw, as it was frozen solid. I told my husband that we need to remove it before it thaws and in less that 3 seconds it expelled its first squeak. Out it went.

Daa-daa-daa…..DADA! Think 2001: A Space Odyssey. 😉

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50 Shades of Grey – Doggie Style

So, I think I may have shocked a few of my regulars and sparked a few new followers with this one. Yes, I did say you must follow me…..

I’m curious how much traffic the smutty title draws in.

Happy Friday to you all!


PS! I was a bad writer. Bad. In my post last Monday, “Doggy Bag“, I neglected to report where my Bro got these: Annie’s Pooch Pops. They ship & they have very reasonable prices. I’d highly recommend these for your pooch!

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Doggy Bag!! Annie’s Pooch Pops

Uncle Richard (My Bro) brought these bones from Annie’s Pooch Pops for my boys for Christmas. Apparently, they had a booth at the Wisconsin State Fair. I just checked out the website and they ship! So if anyone wants to spoil their pooches, I highly recommend these.


These bones have a peanut butter mix filling and a baked outside crust. We had them frozen to be taken out when we had time to supervise. I knew this was going to be a mess. The boys know how to keep messy things on their towels.


Oreo’s strategy was to go after the outer coating. I think it was pretty hilarious that he wouldn’t hold it with his paws. Maybe it was too cold?


Breck was determined to get to the stuff on the inside. Never mind the easily gotten outside. .. I need to get to the center!

© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

We’re West Bound and Down, Loaded Up and Truckin’

We’re on our way to Denver,  Colorado.
I learned how to do a screen shot!


If you don’t understand the post title, watch this. 

We’re listening to my husband’s favorite Christmas movie,  ‘Elf’.
Sadly, for our safety.. The movie only plays the audio. However, we’ve seen it so much, we can visualize.


Photo taken while in park.



Merry Christmas! 😀